Mushroomhead Walk Through The Insane Asylum With Latest LP

Jeffery Nothing and Waylon of Mushroomhead talked with Fuse about their latest album ‘Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children’. “I think it’s more of just a walk through the insane asylum,” Waylon said about the CD. “For me it’s split personalities. It’s like being different people at different times. Waking up one person then changing into another in the middle of the day.” They also talked about having two vocalists in the band, and what he expects from fans listening to the band’s album. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Mushroomhead Searches Quadrupled In 7 Weeks


The Lycos 50 report named Mushroomhead as their ‘One to Watch’ as they profiled the band they claim has had searches quadruple in the past 7 weeks. The group had more searches than Baren*ked Ladies [censored to avoid search engine image filters], Foo Fighters, or recent comeback kid Neil Diamond last week.

The complete story at has since been removed.

Mushroomhead Address Riding Slipknot’s Coattails

Mushroomhead spoke with Mushroomhead’s frontman J Mann to address the band’s image of simply following in the footsteps of Slipknot. J Mann explained, “We’ve been doing this for so long now that we can’t change who we are just because another band is doing the same thing. There is like no problem between the two bands though and I think Slipknot is a good band. There have been rumors of feuds between the two camps as our fans and theirs don’t really get along but its just stupid and we wanna put an end to it. When Slipknot rolled through town here Corey from Slipknot actually called our voice mail and had nothing but kind words for us and said he’d like to talk with us as there has been a lot of talk about a feud that isn’t coming from our side or his.” The entire interview at has since been removed.