Motor Ace: Back On The Road Again

Two years after vocalist and guitarist Patrick Robertson quit Motor Ace, the four-piece are attempting to heal their wounds and embark on an Australian tour supporting new single ‘Tomorrow’s Gone’. “It really has been a journey. Things were fairly tumultuous at the end of the last album, as a group of people,” bassist Matt Balfe tells Time Off magazine. “We got together and Pat told us he needed to take a break and he really did. We’re not very good at saying things, so that letter was the best way to do it. The letter was basically about him – it wasn’t about the band. I was pretty shocked because we’d kind of hit our straps at that stage. For a couple of months we were all floating around thinking ‘What the fu** are we going to do with ourselves?’. I didn’t speak to Pat for about a year and then he came to my birthday party. Before you know it, we were a band again.” has since removed the article.

Motor Ace Learn Valuable Lesson

Gareth Gorman of Living Abroad Magazine caught up with Aussie rockers Motor Ace, who recounted their worst concert experience. “We played a really packed one once in outer suburban Melbourne; it was run by these biker dudes and they wouldn’t pay us,” bassist Matt Balfe explained. “On top of that, they got violent and feisty about it at the end of the night. We pulled 1000 people to this joint and it was $18 a ticket and we didn’t see a fu**in’ cent of it.” What were the bikers’ excuse? “They said we played four minutes under time. Usually, you’ve got heavies from your booking agency or whatever to extract the funds, but they weren’t going to fu** with the Hell’s Angels or whoever it was.”

Motor Ace And Oasis Get Along Well In Sydney

Motor Ace wrote in their official site’s diary: “As you might already know there are some fanatical Oasis fans in the Motor Ace camp. This having been said, it was a pretty excited Ace that rocked up to watch Oasis soundcheck at the Enmore theatre in Newtown Sydney. During the hour long soundcheck, it was easy to see that the band were back in form. We were graced with an acoustic performance of ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Slide Away’ during the check.”