Minus The Bear ‘My Time’ Video

Minus the Bear are out with the video to their new single ‘My Time’, featuring Shorty, Marie Poppins, and Bonita from The Beat Freaks. The song is the first release off the Seattle, Washington indie rock group’s fourth full-length album ‘Omni’, out now on Dangerbird Records. Watch the Michael Mohan directed video via YouTube below.

Minus The Bear ‘My Time’

Minus The Bear are out with an ‘Omni’ stencil video featuring music from their new single ‘My Time’. The stencil comes with the Deluxe Vinyl Edition of ‘OMNI’, out May 4th on Dangerbird Records. The official music video for My Time will be coming this spring. Watch it via YouTube below.

Minus The Bear Talk With Fuse

Minus The Bear discussed their early beginnings, writing and recording their album ‘Planet of Ice’, the best song titles of all time and more in an interview with Fuse. Watch the Seattle indie rock group’s interview below.