Happy Holidays From Mink’s Carlson & His Baby Girl

Mink singer Neal Carlson introduced a the new member of his family to fans with a happy holidays YouTube message. “We really feel lucky to have this little girl in our lives, and it’s an amazing holiday for us,” he said. Watch it below.

Mink Backstage In Baton Rouge

Mink posted some footage of their gig in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party at the Varsity on Wednesday (August 29) and the backstage craziness afterwards. Watch it below.

Mink Touring In Texas

Mink posted footage during their tour stops in support of the Satellite Party through Texas, where the guys tried out the Segway scooters and harass someone to eat the meat.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Mink Visit Tulsa Tattoo Parlor

Mink posted footage of the band visiting Idol Time Tattoo in Tulsa, Oklahoma while out on tour, getting tats and talking about why they like body art.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Mink Check In From Kansas City

Mink posted a video update for fans while on tour with Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party from Kansas City’s City Market on Sunday (August 19), along with footage from their songwriting contest, featuring a tune devoted to deep throat queen Heather Brooke. Watch the clip via MySpace below.

Mink Tour Bus Tour

Mink videotaped themselves stepping onto their tour bus for the first time as part of the Satellite Party Tour 2007. They worked out sleeping arrangements, spoke with the driver Norman, showed off their frig, and behold – mirrored ceilings. Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Mink Rehearse For Lollapalooza

Mink videotaped themsevles getting ready to play Lollapalooza this week as well as preparing for their tour with Satellite Party. Watch the clip below.

Mink At Union Square, Singer Frets Over Gene Simmons Tongue Comparisons

Nick Maybury from Mink posted a little behind the scenes video from an interview shoot the band did in Union Square over the weekend. Watch it below the fold. Meanwhile, frontman Neal Carlson blogged at the band’s Myspace about how opening for KISS has made him self-conscious about the length of his tongue compared to Gene Simmons. His blog, with a tongue comparison, has since been removed at MySpace.

Mink’s Singer Talks About The Fourth & Plays New Track

Mink posted a video update for fans, with singer Neal Carlson talking from Brooklyn about the Fourth of July and their tour with KISS before playing a clip of a new song ‘Sweeter’, which will be on the band’s album out in August. Watch the clip below.