Millencolin Modeled After American Punk Rock

While Millencolin hail from Scandinavia, they are completely modeled after American punk rock. “Before Millencolin we were more into Swedish bands, but then we discovered bands like Bad Religion, NoFX and Operation Ivy in the early ’90s,” frontman Nikola Sarcevic tells Jayson Whitehead of the Las Vegas Weekly. “Thanks to those bands, we started Millencolin. They were our main influence—our only influence, in fact.”

Swedish Bands Are Filling A Void In American Rock

Associated Press profiled the invasion of the Swedes, including the Hives, Millencolin, the Hellacopters and the (International) Noise Conspiracy. The Swedish bands are “filling a void in American rock,” said Hilary Okun of Epitaph records. Okun said those bands “are offering American audiences flamboyance, exuberance, limitless energy, humor, intelligence, punk rock attitude and a sense of playfulness that we’ve been craving.” Read more.