Lars Ulrich On Whether ‘St. Anger’ Was Metallica’s Worst LP


Lars Ulrich spoke with U.K. Classic Rock Magazine about whether the band’s 2003 album ‘St. Anger’ was the worst the veteran rock band had ever released. “When we heard the record from beginning to end, I felt – and it was mostly me – that the experience was so pummeling, it became almost about hurting the listener, about challenging the listener, so we left the songs unedited. I can understand that people felt it was too long,” the drummer said candidly. “I think it’s fair to say that some people think that. I can’t (say it’s the worst). The way I view the world, I can’t rank them from best to worst. That kind of simplicity just doesn’t exist for me.”

Kirk Hammett And James Hetfield Shirtless In Miami

Kirk Hammett on the beach in Miami

Shirtless Metallica members Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield were spotted hanging out on the beach in Miami, Florida on Friday (October 2).

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Reckless & Irresponsible Behavior A Thing Of Metallica’s Past

Kirk Hammett talked with ITN about how age and experience have helped change the band. “Back in the day we were pretty reckless and irresponsible. We had our fun, but that’s been all documented. Nowadays, we’re all family men. We’re all fathers. That comes into play in just our overall behavior and our obligations and our sense of responsibility.” Watch the comments below.

Kirk Hamnett Discusses ‘Death Magnetic’, Rick Rubin

Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hamnett talked with ITN about their latest album ‘Death Magnetic’, touring before British audiences, having no regrets about the ‘Some Kind of Monster’ documentary, and working with producer Rick Rubin. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Guitar Hero Metallica Preview were lucky enough to get a preview of the Guitar Hero Metallica game, coming out in 2009. Neversoft lead designer Alan Flores discussed the project, the extras, secret players, behind the scenes footage and more. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Metallica ‘All Nightmare Long’ Video

Metallica are out with the video to their new single ‘All Nightmare Long’, from American heavy metal band’s ninth studio album ‘Death Magnetic’, out now on Warner Bros. Records. Watch the Roboshobo directed video below.

Metallica’s James And Lars Discuss ‘Kill Em All’ Recording Process

Brian Slagel, owner/CEO of Metal Blade Records, interviewed Metallica singer James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich on the recording of their 1983 debut album ‘Kill Em All’. Asked about the finished project, Lars said, “I was psyched. I thought that the record obviously sounded good. The big thing about the Barret Alley place had these really big rooms so the record was really nice and ambient. Which of course was nothing compared to ‘Ride The Lightning’ record when it was really the next level up.” Lars said now, they’re trying to play down the production, “almost to make it sound garagey. You don’t want to fu** with it too much. Back then it was like Def Leppard was on the radio every half our. It was look, ‘Ooh, listen to the kick drum.'” Watch the interview below.

James Hetfield Imitates Dave Mustaine’s Singing Style

Metallica frontman James Hetfield offered his take on rival and ex-bandmate Dave Mustaine’s singing style during the band’s appearance on ‘Taratata’ TV show in France. After playing a bit of ‘Symphony of Destruction’, Hetfield repeated some of the lyrics holding his nose and singing nasally. “I stay out of that one,” drummer Lars Ulrich said. “You know, back in the day, 1982, I stayed out of it, and I’m still tryin to stay out of it. So you do your thing with Dave, I’ll stay out of it.” Hetfield then said, “There was nothing bad, nothing bad. He’s good. Good songwriter, everything.” Watch the clip below.

Metallica’s Lars & Kirk Discuss ‘The Judas Kiss (Gymbag)’

Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett of Metallica talked about the band’s song ‘The Judas Kiss (Gymbag)’, off their new album ‘Death Magnetic’, on their MySpace TV channel. “It starts one place, and takes you to so far out, and then kind of reels you back in, and it’s quite a musical journey,” Hammet explained. Watch the clip below.