Maximo Park’s Paul Smith Backstage At Lowlands 2009

3FM interviewed Paul Smith of Maximo Park while in a golf cart during Lowlands 2009, where they talked about a tailor making the vocalist’s outfits, his red books, not leaving out his accent when singing, and who he’s looking forward to seeing. Watch it via the station’s YouTube channel below.

Maximo Park ‘Questing, Not Coasting’ Video

Maximo Park are out with the video to their new single ‘Questing, Not Coasting’, the second release from the Newcastle, England alternative rock group’s third studio album ‘Quicken the Heart’, out now on Warp Records. Watch the Grant Gee directed video below.

Maximo Park’s Paul Smith Backstage At Isle Of Wight Festival

Paul Smith from Maximo Park talks about his festival experiences in an interview with ITN at the Isle of Wight Festival. Smith talked about his prior experience at the festival, how it differs from others, missing other artists perform because of his promo duties at such events, taking in the local sights when on the road, not being a tea or coffee guy, what fans can expect from the setlist, and having a duty to end their show with a banger. Watch it via DailyMotion below.

Maximo Park Clear Up Album Title Speculation

Paul Smith of Maximo Park checked in with fans on the British rock group’s blog at MySpace on Saturday (January 31), reacting to speculation about the title of their third album. Smith tells readers:

Whatever people say our album title is, that’s what it’s not.

The album will not be called Roller Disco of Dreams!
That would be bad.
There’s a song on the album that contains a similar phrase, but it certainly isn’t this one!
I wonder where this crazy talk come from?
It’s Friday night.
Time for a drink.

Duncan Lloyd ‘Suzee’ Video

Duncan Lloyd of Maximo Park is out with the video to his new solo single ‘Suzee’, off the Derby, England artist’s first album ‘Seeing Double’, out now on Warp Records. Watch it below.

Maximo Park Just Finished Writing Third Album

Maximo Park frontman Paul Smith checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace on Monday (August 4), discussing progress on the British indie rock band’s follow-up to 2007’s ‘Our Earthly Pleasures’. “We’ve just about finished writing our new album now (there will always be loose threads that need taking care of),” Smith writes. “Two intensive weeks of demos after a few months of initial writing, playing and recording. We’ve got a lot of songs now, which is what we intended. I’m too much like an ostrich with my head in the sand, so I don’t know what kind of music it is, in all honesty. They were intended to be high-calibre pop songs, that’s all I know.”

Duncan Lloyd Previews Maximo Park’s Third Album

Maximo Park guitarist Duncan Lloyd spoke with Australia’s Beat magazine about the group’s efforts to make sure their third album will be distinguished from their previous effort ‘Our Earthly Pleasures’ and their debut ‘A Certain Trigger’. “We are aware of what we’ve done before and we try not to repeat ourselves,” he explained. “We were a bit more punk on the first record and there was more melody on the second [record]. But this next one is going to be more intricate, more diverse and different… that’s one way to put it, I suppose.” The article at has since been removed.

Maximo Park’s Smith Talks With Studio Brussel

Maxïmo Park singer Paul Smith visited with Belgium’s Studio Brussel after performing at the 2007 Rock Werchter Festival over the weekend. Smith talked about being inspired to see fans singing along at the venue, how he gets pumped up before a show, how he’s different on and off stage, and more.

Pictures and audio at have since been removed.