Matchbook Romance Taking ‘Indefinite Hiatus’

Matchbook Romance

Matchbook Romance announced on their Myspace page on Monday (March 12) that they’re taking an indefinite hiatus:

Dear fans and friends,

Today is a sad day. Because it is on this day that we, the members of Matchbook Romance, have decided to part ways and go on an indefinite hiatus. This was not at an easy decision for us to come to, as it seems it’s taken months for the words to even form on the tips of our tongues. Its a decision that we thought we would never have to make, but unfortunately, after 5 years its a decision that best suits our situations.

We’re going to miss all of our adoring fans, and friends that we’ve made on this adventure. We thank all of you for letting this thing we started into your hearts and for holding us in such high regard. We love all of your stories of traveling across the country just to see us play one show, and we love all the amazing gifts you guys have handcrafted for us personally. You will not be forgotten, and hopefully the music of Matchbook Romance won’t be either.

So yes, today is a sad day, but it is also a good one. This is our chance to leave on a good note and forge ahead in the world to see what else is out there. We hope you guys will understand, and we hope you will look forward to the next time you hear from us.

Here’s to the good times,

Matchbook Romance

Matchbook Romance Run Into Trouble In Montana caught up with Matchbook Romance frontman Andrew Jordan and bassist Ryan Kienle for a Q&A, and asked when the last time they threatened someone or felt threatened. “Last time we felt threatened we got into a fight in Montana and we beat the crap out of some kids,” Jordan explained. Kienle added, “We were at a truck stop and these guys were talking to us. Then they were, like, ‘Hey, let’s have a dance off.'” Jordan continued, “Then they started disrespecting a load of people. They were dancing up on this girl right in front of her boyfriend and it was just super uncomfortable. They were completely wasted and high on some kind of drug and they were just hassling everybody. Little did they know that there were a ton of us in a bus right next to place. I went and made a phone call as soon as they started talking sh*t and threw a punch. That’s when it just went into an entire fight, right outside the gas station. It was extinguished pretty quick because they were so wasted. There was no backing up, though. You could have beaten them ’til they were dead so we eventually just walked away from it.” The transcript at has since been removed.

Matchbook Romance Careful In Selecting Support Acts

Matchbook Romance guitarist Ryan ‘Judas’ DePaolo tells Time Off magazine it’s important for them to pick support bands they want to give a helping hand to while touring. “It’s nice for me to feel like I’m more part of the show instead of just walking out on stage and playing the show,” he said. “Being there to watch the other bands and support them makes me feel like I’m more part of everything.” The article at has since been removed.

Matchbook Romance Q&A

Andy Jordan and Judas Depaolo of Matchbook Romance took part in a Q&A with Since their song ‘Monsters’ is about celebrities being jerks, they were asked if they read tabloids. “I hate that sh**,” Judas responded. “All that media, all the TV and magazines, I can’t do it.” Andy added, “It feels weird to us, as a band, getting bigger and bigger. And that’s what I really liked about that video is that, I’m actually making fun of us, like if we get to that point. It’s weird for us, we just left this one place and there were girls like, ‘We love you!’ And it’s like, you don’t know who we are! Why do you say that? But I guess I can relate cause if I met one of the Beatles, I’d trip out. You never think that you’d end up doing something like this and having an effect on people.”

The story at has since been removed.

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