Nathan Leone Discusses Matthew’s Progress After Brutal Assault

Nathan Leone of Madina Lake talked with NME about Matthew’s progress following the tragic event that put him in hospital. Matthew had attempted to assist a woman who was being beaten by her husband Justin Pivec near his apartment in Chicago, receiving a blow to the head after being attacked from behind that caused a broken jaw, a broken nose and a fractured skull.

“How we were raised is you don’t treat anyone like that but especially women,” Nathan said. “That’s insane. It’s disgusting. I don’t understand how anyone could walk by that and not get involved. It breaks my heart in a million pieces I wasn’t there and it just went the way it did.” Nathan added that Matthew has survived a second significant surgery and he’s on his way to recovery, and they’ll get a better understanding of the long term effects of the damage in a year.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Mateo Camargo And Dan Torelli Talk With Kerrang!

Madina Lake’s Mateo Camargo and Dan Torelli recently took over the Kerrang! Podcast. The band discussed recent tour stops, having trouble touring for ‘Attics to Eden’ before it was released, doing a lot of charity work lately, working on what will be an EP recently in Florida, and more. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Mateo Camargo & Dan Torelli’s 5 Favorite Movies

Kerrang! caught up with Madina Lake guitarist Mateo Camargo and drummer Dan Torelli, who talked about their top five movies to watch while on the road. The list included ‘Caddyshack’, ‘Airplane’, ‘Predator’, ‘Goonies’ and ‘Aliens’. Watch the commentary below.

Nathan And Matthew Leone Backstage At Reading 2009

Simon Young of Kerrang! spoke with Madina Lake twins Nathan and Matthew Leone backstage at the Reading festival, where they talked about their live set, their prior stint on the Warped Tour, returning to the UK later with Papa Roach, and the troubling aspect of scene/trend bands.

Madina Lake Discuss Warped Tour, Crowds & ‘Attics To Eden’’s Jordan snuck in to grab an interview with Madina Lake, where they talked about the story behind the band’s name, Americans obsession with fame and people famous for doing nothing, the dramatic different between UK and Japanese crowds, how to prepare for Warped Tour and what to expect, and their sales pitch for their second album ‘Attics to Eden’. Watch below.

Madina Lake ‘Never Take Us Alive’ Video

Madina Lake are out with the video to their new single ‘Never Take Us Alive’, the first release off the Chicago, Illinois rock group’s second studio album ‘Attics To Eden’, out May 5th via Roadrunner Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Madina Lake Perform In Chicago

Garnier Fructis Rock Your Style Hosted by Blender featuring Madina Lake took place on Thursday (June 28) at Double Door in Chicago, Illinois. Check out pictures from WireImage.