Less Than Jake Announces Midwest Tour Dates With A Wilhelm Scream, Junior Battles

Less Than Jake, featuring band members Chris Demakes, Roger Manganelli, Vinnie Fiorello, Buddy Schaub and Peter

Less Than Jake has announced a string of tour dates in the Northeast and Midwest between Riot Fest Toronto and Riot Fest Dallas, with Riot Fest Chicago included in the middle. The tour will be supported by A Wilhelm Scream and Junior Battles, and tickets for all the dates go on sale on July 27th.

The tour is part of Less Than Jake’s 20th Anniversary Tour, a year-long celebration of the band’s second decade together. The band has hit venues from the northeast, to South America, and the UK and Europe so far.

Band members Chris Demakes, Roger Manganelli, Vinnie Fiorello, Buddy Schaub and Peter “JR” Wasilewski are currently supporting two recent releases, the ‘Greetings From Less Than Jake’ and ‘Season’s Greetings From Less Than Jake’ EPs, which came out in summer and February 2012, respectively. A Wilhelm Scream’s last released was a self-titled five-song EP on Paper + Plastick Records in 2009, and the band is currently recording a new album. Junior Battles is supporting its ‘Idle Ages’ full-length, released in summer 2011 on Paper + Plastick.

Less Than Jake 20th Anniversary Tour Dates:
Aug 10 – Jacksonville, FL Freebird Live (tickets)
Aug 11 – Orlando, FL Beacham Theatre (tickets)
Aug 19 – Hartford, CT Scion Festival Stage @ Comcast Theatre
Aug 23 – London, UK Barfly
Aug 24 – Leeds, UK Leeds Festival
Aug 25 – Southend, UK Chinnery’s
Aug 26 – Reading, UK Reading Festival
Aug 31 – Gainesville, FL High Dive (formerly known as Double Down Live) [tickets]
Sep 1 – Gainesville, FL High Dive (formerly known as Double Down Live) [tickets]

With A Wilhelm Scream, Junior Battles:
Sep 9 – Toronto, OR RIOT FEST
Sep 10 – Pawtucket, RI
Sep 11 – New Haven, CT
Sep 12 – Allentown, PA
Sep 13 – Cleveland, OH
Sep 14 – Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 16 – Chicago, IL RIOT FEST
Sep 18 – Bloomington, IL
Sep 19 – St. Louis, MO
Sep 20 – Omaha, NE
Sep 21 – Tulsa, OK
Sep 22 – Dallas, TX RIOT FEST

Vinnie Fiorello Backstage At 2009 Vans Warped Tour Kickoff

Rockerrazzi.com caught up with Less Than Jake’s Vinnie Fiorello backstage at the 2009 Vans Warped Tour in Pamona, California on Friday (June 26). The drummer talked about enjoying the California sun, how the band got started, why Florida is home to so many bands, how he wants to be remembered, the key to their longevity – a brotherly love/hate, and peeing in a cup before every gig. Watch the interview below.

Less Than Jake ‘National Anthem’ Live Video

Less Than Jake are out with the live video for ‘National Anthem’, recorded in Australia. The song originally appears on the veteran Gainesville, Florida ska punk band’s ‘B Is For B-Sides’ album. Watch it below.

Less Than Jake Take Their Time

Less Than Jake

Spending time in preproduction and developing ideas for songs in a more natural manner is something Less Than Jake recently adopted, trombone player Buddy Schaub tells Australia’s Time Off magazine. “We took a lot longer to work on the writing aspect of the record,” he explained. “In the early days we’d just tour, tour, tour and then it was like, ‘OK, time to do a record!’ and we’d some of the songs written and we’d go into the studio. It was a real rushed atmosphere. At some point we decided to just take off a little bit, write and clear our heads for a little while, take some time to ourselves, and then start writing. Then [we’d] take a little time off, tour and try the songs out, come back and rework them.” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

Less Than Jake Media Player

Less Than Jake

A media player for for the upcoming Less Than Jake EP ‘Absolution For Idiots and Addicts’, out May 23rd, has been posted online. It features the new single ‘Let Her Go’, as well as ‘The Rest Of My Life’, ‘A Still Life Franchise’, ‘Overrated (Everything Is)’, and ‘Soundtrack Of My Life.’ Also included is a live video for ‘Overrated (Everything Is)’.

The player at warnerbrosrecords.com has since been removed.

Less Than Jake Getting ‘Old’ In Late 20s

These days, Less Than Jake are in their late 20s, having been around as a band for over a decade now. “Yeah, we’re old,” Happy JR tells Australia’s Beat magazine. “It’s a little bit harder to get out of the bunk without being really sore. But I’m 27 now and I do feel better, physically. And when I play I’m more confident in what I do. With stuff like that, it’s good to get older because you become more experienced and more comfortable in who you are. There’s none of those weird teenage anxiety attacks that happen when you’re a kid. It’s good to get old. Don’t fight it.”

Darker Less Than Jake Is Sign Of The Times

Sean Richarson of the Boston Phoenix chatted with Less Than Jake drummer Vinnie Fiorello about their new album ‘Anthem’, and how the lyrics have become darker than the traditional offerings from the group. “The lyrics on the record are very autobiographical,” Vinnie stresses. “Lots of our fan mail comes from dudes in the military, and when buildings are getting blown up, it’s not a joky time. When the national psyche is a bit dark, how are you going to do a whole record of songs like [the Less Than Jake standard] ‘Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts’? We wanted something that was dark and anthemic at the same time.” The full story at BostonPhoenix.com has since been removed.