Kittie ‘Sorrow I Know’ Video

Kittie are out with the video to their new single ‘Sorrow I Know’, off the Canadian heavy metal band’s fifth studio album ‘In the Black’, out now on E1 Music. Watch it via YouTube below.

Kittie ‘In The Black’ EPK

Kittie are out with an electronic press kit for their fifth album ‘In The Black’, in stores now on E1 Music. The female heavy metal group talked about the recording process, writing an album that was the complete antithesis of the last LP, their growth musically since the first album when they were teens, the message behind ‘Cut Throat’ and its music video, what fans can expect from their live show, the band’s family dynamic, and hopes to release “tons more albums”. Watch the EPK via YouTube below.

Kittie ‘Cut Throat’ Video

Kittie are out with the video to their new single ‘Cut Throat’, the first release from the Canadian metal group’s fifth studio album ‘In The Black’, out now on E1 Music. Watch it via YouTube below.

Kittie ‘Funeral For Yesterday’ Video

Kittie 'Funeral For Yesterday' music video

Kittie are out with the video to their new single ‘Funeral For Yesterday’, the title track to their forthcoming album hitting stores February 20th. Watch it via Yahoo! Music below.

New Kittie Material

Four new Kittie songs have been posted online on the Canadian all-female metal band’s MySpace page, which will presumably be a part of the group’s new album ‘Funeral for Yesterday’, due out February 20, 2007. Check out the tracks ‘Funeral for Yesterday’, ‘Flowers of Flesh and Blood’, ‘Witch Hunt’, and ‘Around Your Heart’ here.

Arroyo Explains Departure From Kittie

Former Kittie bassist Jennifer Arroyo has also weighed in on the announcement she and Lisa Marx quit the band. “Yes, I left Kittie,” Arroyo wrote in an online posting. “It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make in my life, but sometimes in life you have to make decisions for yourself. This was one of them. I love Morgan [Lander, guitar/vocals] and Mercedes [Lander, drums] with all my heart and they know that. There is no bad blood WHAT-SO-EVER. In fact, I hope Artemis finally decides to drop the band so THEY can move on with their lives. They truly deserve it after all the wrongs that have been done to the band Kittie.”

Guitarist And Bassist Both Leave Kittie

Kittie frontwoman Morgan Lander posted a message on the band’s official message board following the posting from guitarist Lisa Marx that she had quit the band. “Alright, I know that what has happened with Lisa comes as a shock to all of you,” Morgan wrote. “It was a shock to all of us too. Things haven’t been said in a press release up until this point with good reason however. Not only has Lisa decided to leave the band, but Jennifer [Arroyo, bass] has decided to leave too. I figured we should get this all out into the open while we still can.”

Kittie Guitarist Quits Band

Kittie guitarist Lisa Marx revealed that she has quit from the band. In a posting on the group’s official message board, Marx writes, “I quit the band in February. I was not given a press release for reasons I have no idea about. There was a post on here the other day from someone I talked to at a show that has now mysteriously disappeared. Interesting. I have not heard from Morgan [Lander, guitar/vocals] or Mercedes [Lander, drums] since the tour in Mexico, so I don’t know what is happening with the band. I can only speculate based on the same reasons that I was no longer able to continue with the band. I wish them the best of luck… based on what they told me, they’ll need it. Thank you to all the fans for everything, I had a blast while it lasted. I’m sorry management didn’t inform you of my resignation sooner, I have been waiting myself to hear about a press release. Now that people are talking, I wanted to clear up any confusion.”

Kittie’s Latest A ‘New High’ In Women’s Rock

Kittie 'Until the End' album cover

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News reviewed Kittie’s new album ‘Until the End’. He writes, “In the history of women’s rock, this represents a new high. The majority of hard-core female rockers – including Exene Cervenka of X, Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland and the Donnas – have played various forms of punk, which lacks the macho cachet of metal. Even earlier female metal acts – including the first, Girlschool – really played “hard rock” rather than the uncut brand. By contrast, Kittie’s new CD proves it can slay with the power of Slayer.” The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

New Material For Ex-Kittie Pair

Former Kittie members Fallon Bowman (guitar) and Talena Atfield (bass) will be collaborating on new material for Bowman’s solo project Amphibious Assault, according to a posting on Fallon’s web site. “I think it will be good,” she writes. “I go through these times where riffs just happen. Other times, nothing. I’m sure every musician knows what I mean. I hope the plans we have work out.” Amphibious Assault released their self-financed debut album, ‘District 6’, in May 2003.