KISS Discuss ‘Sonic Boom’

Eric Singer and Gene Simmons of KISS talked with ITN about their new album ‘Sonic Boom’. “The great thing about it is that it’s a classic KISS record in the sense that it’s more stripped down rather than trying to be too slick, too overly produced, too thought out. We got in a room, worked up ideas as a band and went in and just cut the stuff very fresh.” Gene added, “No synth, no keyboard, no voice choirs, no nothin. No sample shmanzel, shut up, pick up your guitar and rock it out.” The pair also offered their praise for Lady Gaga.

Skincare Tips From Gene Simmons and Eric Singer Of KISS

KISS stars Gene Simmons and Eric Singer explained the secrets behind their trademark look and makeup advice, though the questioning from ITN seemed to put off Gene. “Who knew you were tuning in for KISS skincare suggestions,” Gene said. Watch the remarks below.

KISS ‘Modern Day Delilah’ Video

KISS are out with the video to their single ‘Modern Day Delilah’, the lead release off the veteran rock band’s nineteenth studio album ‘Sonic Boom’, out now on Universal/Roadrunner. Watch it via Yahoo! Music below.

KISS Perform In Calgary

KISS original band members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were joined by new members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer for the Kiss Alive 35 Tour on Thursday (November 12) at Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary, Canada. Watch concertgoer filmed footage from the show at YouTube. Check out pictures at Zimbio.

Peter Criss Speaks Out About Male Breast Cancer

Ex-KISS drummer and breast cancer survivor, Peter Criss, is trying to draw public attention to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. “We’d like to see more men on the tube about this,” Criss said about the condition that is rare amongst men compared to women. Watch a report from the Associated Press below.

Gene Simmons Blasts Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Gene Simmons of KISS sat down with Billboard at its annual Touring Conference to talk about his problem with The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the problem with offering discount tickets at live shows, and a possible tour with Queen. “You know how long you’ve got to wait before Led Zeppelin got in,” Simmons asked regarding The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. “My God. You’ve got blues artists in there. There should be a blues artist hall of fame. You’ve got rappers in there. Madonna is in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Are you kidding me? I mean Madonna’s a great artist, but that ain’t rock ‘n roll.”

KISS ‘Shout It Out Loud’ From ‘KISSOLOGY 3’ DVD Video

A sneak peek from forthcoming ‘KISSOLOGY 3’ DVD featuring the band’s ‘Shout It Out Loud’ performance, which took place from the Halloween show on October 31, 1998 during the Psycho Circus Tour, is available onlne. ‘KISSOLOGY 3’ is out December 18th. Watch it via YouTube below.

Classics Overshadow Any Possible New KISS Material

Philthy Phil of KNAC.COM recently conducted an interview with KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley. Asked if KISS would record again, Stanley responded, “It’s possible. You know the problem with KISS recording is that the songs that everybody thinks of as the classics are much more than music at this point, they are really, I guess like snapshots of a point in somebody’s life. People remember what they were doing when they heard a certain song. People remember who they were with, who they were screwing, whatever they were doing, so it makes those songs much bigger than just playing music. The problem with that is that no matter what, KISS would go in and record today, it’s never going to measure up to that. Not because it’s not as good, but because it doesn’t have the history.” The transcript at has since been removed.