Kid Rock Release Date Set

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Kid Rock’s new CD, still untitled, is set to hit US stores on the 20th of November 2001. According to his official site the CD will have 12+ songs and is “one hell of a record.”

Kid Rock Appearing On RMAs

Kid Rock is amongst the celebrities scheduled to appear at the Radio Music Awards, which will be broadcast from Las Vegas Oct. 26 on ABC.

Pammy Recreates That Baywatch Moment For Fiance Kid Rock

WENN reports Pamela Anderson put on her old red Baywatch swimsuit and ran in slo-mo to satisfy her fiance Kid Rock. Pam admits, “He’d never seen me in the suit before. He didn’t know me back then.”

Anderson says the pair living in different parts of the country is actually a good thing, “I tend to just consume the man I love, so this is making me go slower, because it’s not in my nature at all.”

Kid Rock Jealous Over Mick & Pamela Schmoozing

A jealous Kid Rock was upset when Pamela Anderson was chatting it up with Mick Jagger backstage at the Video Music Awards. A source revealed, “Kid Rock acted all jealous, grumbling because Mick was talking to Pamela Anderson.” Rock reportedly told Jagger, “That’s enough,” though Rock later apologized to Pamela.

Kid Rock Phones In To Special TRL Friday

Kid Rock was on with MTV’s Carson Daly for their special TRL show following the terrorist attack on the United States on Tuesday. Kid says he was stuck in Los Angeles trying to get back to see his kid in Detroit. Kid sounded pretty upset and said his mother suggested he should do a remake of Only God Knows Why in tribute donating the money to the Red Cross but he seemed hesitant to try and take advantage of the situation.