Toby Rand On Juke Kartel’s Breast Cancer Survivors Anthem ‘Brightest Star’

Juke Kartel

Juke Kartel frontman Toby Rand recently sat down with to discuss their song ‘Brightest Star’, which served as the band’s response to the news that drummer Jay Pinfold’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer – and survived. “I think the song idea came from me, watching our drummer,” the ‘Rock Star: Supernova’ finalist explained. “He’s an interesting drummer because he’s not very good at confrontation and he’s not very good at emotion. As most drummers tend to be! But basically I took on a role with him, because his mum was so far away and that was really killing him — the torment that she was going through. So I took on that role, and I created the song through that. And during the recording we had 3 survivors come in and sing on the track.” Read more.

Juke Kartel Charted ‘Levolution’ Progress

Juke Kartel
The fourth video clip from Juke Kartel’s ‘Levolution’ studio sessions, which gives fans an inside look at how an album is put together, has been posted online. Bassist Tommy Kende talked about the chart for finishing songs and enjoyed a beer before singer Toby Rand was seen laying down vocals. Watch the webisode via YouTube below.

Todd Burman Discusses Juke Kartel’s Australian History

Todd Burman
In episode three of Juke Kartel’s Making of ‘Levolution’ video series, guitarist Todd Burman explained that while the album marked their US debut, ‘Levolution’ is actually the band’s third record in their native Australia. Check out the video via YouTube below to hear more about the band’s history Down Under and why they feel ‘Levolution’ is their best album yet.

Juke Kartel ‘If Only’ Video

Juke Kartel 'If Only' music video
Juke Kartel are out with the music video to their new single ‘If Only’, the first release from the Australian rock band’s U.S. debut album ‘Levolution’, out now on iTunes. The band told AOL Music that filming the video “was an amazing experience – from skipping around rattlesnakes in the desert, to amazing conversations with the homeless in downtown LA, to the beauty of the California beaches. The concept of searching for our instruments during the video actually helped us rediscover the song, thinking back to when it was written as well as reliving our story up to this day.” Watch it via YouTube below.

In addition, the band recently premiered the track “Brightest Star” exclusively on iTunes. More than half of the proceeds from each sale will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in support of breast cancer research. Visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter for more information and the latest news and updates.

‘Road of Glass’ Is A Favorite For Juke Kartel’s Jay Pinfold

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The Levolution recording sessions webisode number two from Juke Kartel has been posted online, featuring drummer Jay Pinfold talking about his favorite track on the album, ‘Road of Glass’. “I think we’re all very excited about this song, ‘Road of Glass’,” Jay said. “I feel I can really drive the band playing that song.” ‘Levolution’ is available now in stores and on iTunes. Watch the webisode via YouTube below.

Juke Kartel ‘Levolution’ Making Of

Todd Burman of Juke Kartel
In episode one of a new series of webisodes, Australian rockers Juke Kartel give fans an exclusive look into the recording of their debut album, ‘Levolution’. Get to know the members of the band as they lay down the tracks along with producer Brian Virtue (Jane’s Addiction, 30 Seconds to Mars), and get a taste of all the elements that go into making a record.

“You get one chance to do this,” says drummer Jay Pinfold, “and I want to make sure I do it as best as I can.” Watch the behind the scenes video via YouTube below.

Juke Kartel ‘Save Me’ Video

Juke Kartel, featuring ‘Rock Star Supernova’ contestant Toby Rand, are out with the video to their new single ‘Save Me’, off the Melbourne, Australia alternative rock group’s debut album ‘Nowhere Left to Hide’, out soon on Emporium Music. Watch it at DailyMotion.