Johnny Rotten Eyes Timberlake To Play Him In Biopic

World Entertainment News Network reports that Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten revealed that he has asked Justin Timberlake, albeit mistaking the *NSYNC star’s name, to play him in a big-screen biopic of his controversial life. “I’ve asked Jason Timberlake to do it,” the rocker, who’s real name is John Lydon, remarked. “He hasn’t said yes but I think it would work because he’s a damn fine singer but he’s beginning to look bored.”

Johnny Rotten Comments On Bono

John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols was quoted this week saying of U2’s frontman: “Every time I see Bono in those big fly glasses and tight leather pants I just can’t hack it. I can’t see that he’s solving the world’s problems. He’s crushing his testicles in tight trousers for world peace.”

Sex Pistols Sign Up For Live 8

News of the World reports that the Sex Pistols will be reuniting to perform at Live 8 after Johnny Rotten finally agreed to do the show his bandmates immediately agreed to. “The others said ‘Yes’ straight away but Johnny took his time,” a source said. “He knew the rest of the band had given the reunion the green light so in the end he agreed.”

Timberlake As Johnny Rotten Story Pulled

A report on that John Lydon wanted Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC to play him in the forthcoming film version of his autobiography has since been removed from their website. The former Sex Pistol, known as Johnny Rotten, said Timberlake had agreed to the request provided Lydon stays away from the film set.

‘My Way: The Sid Vicious Story’ Radio 2 Documentary

Radio 2 documentary ‘My Way: The Sid Vicious Story’ features Sid’s music including his versions of ‘My Way’, ‘Somethin’ Else’ and ‘C’Mon Everybody’ plus tunes from The Sex Pistols and Joe Strummer. Also included are original interviews with Sid biographer Alan Parker, Julien Temple, Derek Green (who signed The Pistols to A&M), George X, writer Alan Jones plus archive interviews with Sid himself, Nancy Spungen, Glen Matlock, Johnny Rotten and Lemmy (former flatmate who taught Sid how to play bass). Listen here.

Johnny Rotten Keeps His Pecker Up

Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten (aka John Lydon) took on an angry herd of ostriches on ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’. Lydon was smeared in treacle and coated in bird seed as he stepped into an ostrich pen. He was trying to find 10 hidden stars to win meals for the group on day two of the TV show but came back with only six. Read more.

Johnny Rotten Walk-Out Denied

Sky News reports the makers of ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!’ have denied rumors that former Sex Pistol John ‘Johnny Rotten’ Lydon has quit the show. Lydon reportedly refused to speak to the press at a photoshoot for the ten contestants, prompting rumors he walked out on the competition. “He has definitely not quit,” a spokeswoman for Granada insisted. “He is making preparations to join the rest of the contestants in the jungle.” Read more.

Johnny Rotten To Appear In Reality TV Show

To the dismay of aging punk fans, a British television company announced Monday that the former Sex Pistols singer and angry punk icon Johnny Rotten has agreed to appear in the reality show ‘I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!’ “I’m gobsmacked,” said Tony Wilson, a British journalist and music entrepreneur who knows Rotten, aka John Lydon. “I’m shocked, but I have faith … I’m sure he’s doing it for the right reasons.” Other punk fans were appalled. “The announcement made me feel instantly old. … If it has come to this for the prince of punk, then mediocrity really does get us all in the end,” wrote Lee Randall in The Scotsman newspaper.

Avril Makes Johnny Rotten’s Blood Boil

Matt Sebastian of the Daily Camera caught up with Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten, who was again fuming over Avril Lavigne, especially her comments proclaiming herself “punk,” going so far as to tell Seventeen magazine that “I’m like a Sid Vicious for a new generation.” Rotten said of the Canadian pop-punk act: “I don’t give a damn. I wish she was (Vicious). Then she’d be dead, and that’s putting it mildly … What do people think heroin is? A joyous romp in the park? It’s self destruction, and I’m sorry, but no self-respecting punk would be out to destroy himself. ‘Oh, he’s the dead one, you know.’ What a bizarre attitude that it’s the dead one who’s the good one. Look, these self-professed punks are fake. She’s about as much punk as Kelly Osbourne.”