Jim Adkins Talks About ‘Bleed American’ Retitle

Zac Crain of The Dallas Observer talked with Jimmy Eat World singer-guitarist Jim Adkins about the band’s renaming of Bleed American as he revealed, “For us, it wasn’t really that big of a deal. I didn’t think we were compromising anything artistically by just calling our record Jimmy Eat World.” Dallasobserver.com has since removed the article.

Jimmy Eat World ‘Bleed American’ Review

CNN’s Kevin Bicknell reviewed Jimmy Eat World’s “Bleed American” and was left feeling unfulfilled by the band’s lyrics saying, “The words dissolve into the kind of amorphous angst that too many grunge bands have used to avoid telling real stories.” Bicknell does say the band is good at creating a hook, but dismissed the band as part of a modern group of sell outs that include Tool, Live, Creed and Incubus. Read more.

Jimmy Eat World Doesn’t Want To Be Labeled

UniverCity.com talked to Jimmy Eat World and the band confessed it doesn’t like to be labeled emo-punk, or any label for that matter as guitarist/vocalist Tom Linton said, “I think people can say whatever they want. For us, as a band, we think it’s weird because, we don’t want to be a trend…where (the trend) dies off and we die with it. So we stay away from calling ourselves anything but a band.”

Read the full article here.

Jimmy Eat World Announce New Single Name

NME reports Jimmy Eat World have changed the name of their new single from ‘Bleed American’ to ‘Bleed’ after the terrorist attacks in the United States on Tuesday. The track’s release was pushed back from October 8 to November 5.

Jimmy Eat World Pulls Album, Cancels Shows

Rock group Jimmy Eat World have decided to postpone the release of their new album, Bleed American, and a number of tour dates in response to the horrific terrorism that hit the US on Tuesday.

A message on the official site reads: “We apologize, but we hope you understand this is beyond our control. Our thoughts are with the people who have lost their lives in this horrible tragedy, as well as with their families and friends.”