Fans Are Everything For Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden 'The Number Of The Beast'

Top of the Pops spoke with Dave Murray and Janick Gers from Iron Maiden and when asked about their loyal fans, Janick said, “The fans are amazing and they are the foundation for the band – for everything really. We tour a lot and I think we are an exceptional live band and the kids come along because they know that!”

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Bruce Dickinson Explains Rock In Rio Experience

Iron Maiden 'Holy Smoke'

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson chatted with Mary Anne Hobbs on Radio 1 on Wednesday. Bruce talked about his experience at Rock In Rio saying, “‘Well it’s dead exciting because you get helicoptered into the place and as you go in at 1am, there’s a quarter of a million people in what looks like something from Close Encounters. There’s an aircraft hanger backstage and a running track and a huge screen with the live feed going out to 100 million people. It was the biggest gig we’d ever done and we were nervous. We were numb, and I came off stage completely exhausted – mentally and emotionally. Like a trance and I don’t know if I could do that again. It was a good feeling though.” Audio at has since been removed.

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Bruce Dickinson Recalls Iron Maiden’s Worst Moment

Iron Maiden 'Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter' recently spoke with Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson who recalled the worst moment he had with the band at a show in Mannheim, Germany, where Janick Gers suffered a near fatal fall. Dickinson said, “He stepped off and fell off. I just saw the guitar gone and him and it was awful! I’ll never forget. I mean, I thought he was nearly fu**ing dead. I really did, because I saw how far he had fallen. He was unconscious. He was covered in blood and his whole head was covered in blood. And there were iron railings and posts. I was really freaked out. And he was so lucky. He actually fell onto a security guard, and that stopped him. And he headbutted an iron post. That’s what cut his eye. He was so fu**ing lucky. He was lucky he was thick [laughs out loud]! That thick fu**ing head! Sh**! I tell you, I couldn’t… [hesitates] I mean, I did my singing bit … I couldn’t stay on stage. I was like, what did the ambulance guy say… And then as soon as I heard he was up, he was sitting up talking, you know… He didn’t know what he was saying. Apparently, when they put him into the ambulance, his guitar roadie went to the hospital with him, he suddenly sat up and went: ‘Who’s playing my guitar solo?’” Read more.

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Iron Maiden Release Partial Clips From Rock In Rio

Iron Maiden 'Afraid To Shoot Strangers', from the 1992 album 'Fear of the Dark'

Iron Maiden’s official site has released clips of six songs from their upcoming Rock in Rio DVD and Live album. Included so far are Hallowed Be They Name and Wrathchild (added today) on top of clips of The Number Of The Beast, Ghost Of The Navigator, The Wickerman, and The Evil That Men Do. Check them out at

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Bruce Dickinson Does Photo Session has photos of Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson from a photo session in Los Angeles on Sunday. Check out the pictures here.

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Iron Maiden Explain DVD/Album Delay

Iron Maiden 'Wasted Years'

Iron Maiden posted an update on their official site about the reasons behind the delay of their ‘Iron Maiden – Rock in Rio DVD and Live’ album explaining, “Despite rumors early on of a pre-Xmas 2001 release the production of the DVD has taken much longer than anyone anticipated owing to a number of production problems and delays throughout the year. As always with Iron Maiden the DVD is being made the best it possibly can and has had involvement with companies both in Los Angeles and London who have worked on a number of major Hollywood Studio releases as this project is a massive piece of work.”

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