Don’t Believe The Idlewild Hype

Paul Thompson of the Penn State Collegian reviewed Idlewild’s latest effort ‘The Remote Part’ and concluded, “Don’t believe the hype.” Thompson explains, “With ‘The Remote Part’, Idlewild seems primed to teach the world to sing. Too bad the world won’t remember any of the tunes after it hears them. Although the clear standout, shimmering opener, ‘You Held the World in Your Arms,’ was a hit in Europe this past winter, it’s really the only song on ‘The Remote Part’ that’s at all worth mentioning.”

The story at has since been removed.

Idlewild Say Oasis Lyrics Are ‘Terrible’

Idlewild guitarist Allen Stewart took a shot at Oasis in an interview with Chart magazine. “I think a lot of bands don’t pay attention to their lyrics,” says Stewart. “I know for myself, I tend to listen to both the music and lyrics of a song when I’m listening to different music. Some bands are just lazy with lyrics and take a too simplistic approach. We were just talking about Oasis the other day and how terrible their lyrics are. It’s like they’re just putting in words for the sake of putting them in. It’s really more bemusing than anything. You think of what it is, then, that people look for in music, and why they get into music.” has since removed the article.

Idlewild Frontman Excited By American Indie Rock

Idlewild frontman Roddy Woomble chatted with Dean Kuipers of the LA Times, explaining how for two years at the dawn of the ’90s, when he was 14 and 15, he lived in the U.S. and discovered the smarter side of American hard-core punk. “American indie rock, that was really the kind of music that excited me,” Woomble said. “We’d travel quite far from where we grew up in the north of Scotland just to see Americans holding guitars, you know? There’s some mystery and romance to it that you just didn’t have.” has since removed the article.

Idlewild On FlyScreen

This week’s FlyScreen features an interview with Idlewild who were on their first tour of Australia. They said they were looking forward to supporting Pearl Jam on their U.S. tour and they talked about some horror stories on the road. Afterwards their ‘A Modern Way Of Letting Go’ video is played. Also included is a beginners guide to 70s rock with Warped. has since removed the video.

Idlewild Don’t Consider Themselves Punk

Idlewild singer Roddy Woomble dismisses the perception of the group as being rooted in punk. “I never thought we were a punk band,” he tells Scott Wilson of The Pitch. “That word doesn’t mean much. Punk and indie music always seemed honest and very real to us. We’d see bands in Edinburgh playing loudly, and it made sense. Essentially [at first] we wrote pop songs that were discordant, noisy. They were much simpler to begin with. I think they got more ambitious in their scale.” Read more.

Idlewild Become More Accessible With ‘The Remote Part’

Darren Levin of Australia’s Beat magazine spoke with Idlewild frontman Roddy Woomble who responded to his comment that their latest release ‘The Remote Part’ is not only the band’s best offering, but their most accessible to date. “It wasn’t like we all sat around the table, saying lets go challenge Britney for the top spot, or let’s write some G, C and D riffs for the easy melodies,” says a laughing Woomble. “I think all of us have just come to a place, you know, a natural sort of development through ‘100 Broken Windows’. We’ve always been interested in pop melodies and tunes anyway, you can see that from our very first record. We’re just better at writing them now.” has since removed the article.

Idlewild’s Robert Fairfoull Fell Into Rock’s Trap

Xpress magazine of Australia caught up with Idlewild who have been under turmoil lately with bassist Robert Fairfoull exit, after his booze and indifference to the band’s vision overriding his part in Idlewild’s mechanics. Guitarist Rod Jones explained, “I think there was an element of… Robert had become a bit detached from everybody else really. I think he never really understood us and we never really understood him, you know, and it was coming to the point where he was obviously not particularly happy and drinking too much, and it was kind of affecting everything, from his behaviour towards us and also his bass playing suffered a bit live. I think he just wasn’t happy… we just had to carry on and we played the next night with our bass tech (Alex Grant) basically.” After sacking him, Idlewild quickly regrouped, inviting longtime Irish friend Gavin Fox to join the lineup, deciding to also invite fill-in second guitarist Allan Stewart to become the band’s permanent fifth member.

Idlewild Bringing Album To America This Winter

Beth Carney of the Boston Globe caught up with Idlewild singer Roddy Woomble on troubles that British acts have had trying to make a successful break in the U.S. Woomble said, “‘In Britain you can play three gigs in London and suddenly you’re the best band in the world. America is so vast. You have to play so much to be noticed. You need a lot of support before you even go over or there’s no point.” The group will get their chance this winter when their album is released in America. has since removed the article.

Idlewild Say R.E.M. Comparisons Get A Bit Tedious

Rod, Colin, and Roddy of Idlewild chatted with fans in a recent Radio 1 online chat. When asked if they get sick of the constant REM comparisons, Roddy said, “It’s a compliment cos they’re a brilliant band, but if something’s constant then people just think it’s a replica. I think we’re compared to them more because it’s rock music that’s a bit leftfield in its approach, like REM are. But the danger is people think you are a replica, so it can get a bit tedious.” has since removed the transcript.