Henry Rollins Calls Bush Admin Really Really Dangerous

Lately, Henry Rollins has got lots of material on a favorite theme, the absurdities of American politics. “Guys like Trent Lott I wish for,” he tells The Oregonian, with the satirical relish audible. “There’s 20 minutes (of stage material) right there. And Donald Rumsfeld! Talk about the great one-liners that guy comes up with! … I think the Bush administration is just wacky — and really, really dangerous.”

Henry Rollins Not Hopeful On Getting Radio Airplay

Chaunce Hayden of Steppin’ Out magazine spoke with Henry Rollins about his Black Flag tribute CD to benefit the West Memphis Three and in addition to asking why he’s helping out in the controversial case, if he thinks the CD benefits him in getting airplay. “I doubt anything short of me killing somebody in a very wild fashion would get me any airplay on the radio,” he said. “I make good records. They’re real fu**ing good and there’s no Pro-Tooling on them. What you hear is what we did. Not like a lot of other bands who would never be caught dead admitting it. I know how a lot of bands today make records and it’s all corrected music. Whatever, like I care. My point is I don’t need recognition. I know I make good records so I have no self interest in this project at all. I don’t think this will do anything for my career.”

Henry Rollins Calls For Drastic Action On Iraq

Henry Rollins added his name to the list of celebrities with an opinion on the conflict with Iraq that appears more and more likely headed to military action. “If [Saddam Hussein] didn’t have anything to hide, then why is he saying, ‘Oh you can’t go there.’ I think a full 100-percent daylight, lights on, everything known, inspection needs to be had, if not, then it needs to be leveled,” Rollins tells Yahoo! Music. “‘Let’s just say, anywhere you don’t allow us to check we just drop a bomb on it. How ’bout that?’ I am so down with that. ‘Well, I’ll put women and children in it.’ Well, then you can tell the world that you killed them because we told you what we’re going to do. And now it’s up to you to put the women and children in that mosque or take them out.”

Rollins Says It Was Easy Getting Corey Taylor Contribution

Launch.com chatted with Henry Rollins about his new album ‘Rise Above: 24 Black Flag Songs To Benefit The West Memphis Three’ which hits stores today. Slipknot/Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor is featured on the album, and Rollins talked about hooking up with Taylor. “It was one phone call,” Rollins said that took him to convince Taylor to sign on. “I just got his number, called Corey direct at his house and said, ‘Hey, this is Henry Rollins,’ and at first he thought it was a crank phone call. And he went, ‘No way.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m a friend of Sean E. I’m sitting with him now’; this guy Sean E. who helped us. I said, ‘I got your number and I need your help on this record. And he flipped out. He’s like, ‘This is really you?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah man,’ so I said, ‘I really need those big pipes on this song,’ and he just said, ‘Yes,’ immediately.”

All Star Collaboration Humbles Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins spoke with Chart Attack about his new album, which is a collection of Black Flag songs re-recorded by the Rollins Band and sung by today’s top punk and extreme artists. “One of the highest compliments I’ve ever been paid is that these people have all said yes to be on this album. I begged and pleaded to get some of these people and it turned out fu**ing excellent,” he said. “But we also had a really great calling card: Black Flag. It’s what I hoped would be the tantalizing bait. These musicians all have busy schedules, but I wanted to provide something that would make them go ‘Cancel that day… I’m doing THIS!'” Amongst those on the album were Iggy Pop, Tom Araya (Slayer), Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Ween, Keith Morris (Circle Jerks/Black Flag), Lemmy (Motorhead), Queens Of The Stone Age, and Rancid. The album drops October 8. Chartattack.com has since removed the article.

Australian Fans Don’t Care If You’re Britney Spears

Nikki Tranter of PopMatters caught up with Henry Rollins from Australia on whether Australian audiences are just as enthusiastic as American audiences. “Australians don’t really care if you’re a celebrity, if you’re like Eric Clapton or something or Cher. Australians don’t care,” Rollins explained. “Like if Britney Spears comes into a room; people freak out, where there’d be young Australians hitting on her. They’re like [in a pretty good Australian accent] ‘yeah, she’s hot, yeah’ They don’t even care that she’s like the eight billion-dollar baby. They just think, they like blondes. I love that unpretentious thing that seems to be a real common thing among Australians.” Read more.

Henry Rollins Says Longevity Tells The Tale

Jeff Kerby of KNAC.com interviewed veteran rocker Henry Rollins Rollins on The West Memphis 3, His Latest Album, Touring and his opinion on several topics. When asked if he thought that having less fans as long as they were completely devoted is better than having three million or so half-assed ones, Rollins said, “Let’s play Nostradamus for a minute. Next year will there be another Rollins Band record and a tour? Oh yeah. Will there be another Smashmouth record and tour? I don’t know. How many more Korn records? How many more Limp Bizkit records? Five more years for the Stone Temple Pilots? Longevity tells the tale.” Read the entire interview here.