Hedley Surprised Phoebe Dykstra On ‘New.Music.Live.’

Hedley surprise Phoebe Dykstra

Hedley surprised ‘New.Music.Live.’ host Phoebe Dykstra during taping of the MuchMusic program the other day. The guys talked about being nominated for 11 Junos without winning and advice for Phoebe doing red carpet duty at the awards. Watch it via YouTube below.

Hedley’s Jacob Hoggard & Dave Rosin Respond To Twitter Questions

Jacob Hoggard and Dave Rosin of Hedley took part in an Ask:Reply interview with Vevo, answering questions submitted by fans via Twitter about what kind of music they listened to as teenagers, the best and worst things about being on tour, why Dave decided to play guitar, the best venue they’ve ever played, and advice for someone who wants to play in a band. “It’s all about cooperation,” Jacob said about the final question. “Sometimes you read about it and you see, ‘The band leader and what they say goes’. The reality of it all is when you find yourself in a band crammed with people like minded, just like you that want to make something of their lives, and make something out of their music, it’s so important to work together.” Watch the Q&A below.

Hedley “Tie Or Die” PSA


Hedley are set to perform live in Los Angeles at the Roxy Theater on October 21st, and the Canadian band recorded a public service announcement to promote the show and warn about the need to tie your shoes. “In under around and through” was the message stressed by the band in the tongue in cheek “Tie or Die” video. Watch the PSA via YouTube below the cut. (more…)

Hedley ‘Cha Ching’ Video

Hedley are out with the video to their new single ‘Cha Ching’, the lead release off the Canadian rock group’s third full length album ‘The Show Must Go’, out now on Universal Music. Watch it via Vevo below.

Hedley ‘For The Nights I Can Remember’ Video

Hedley are out with the video to their new single ‘For The Nights I Can Remember’, the second release from the Vancouver, BC rock band’s second full-length album ‘Famous Last Words’, out now in Canada on Universal Music. Watch it below.

Hedley ‘She’s So Sorry’ Video

Hedley are out with the video to their new single ‘She’s So Sorry’, from the Vancouver, Canada rock band’s second album ‘Famous Last Words’, out now on Universal Music Canada and Capitol Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Hedley Episodes

Hedley is featured in a series for Yahoo! Music Canada. Watch Episode 1: Guns: Guns + Hedley = Hide, Episode 2: Blister: The Road, and Episode 3: Drunk Jake: Jake Unleashed below.