GWAR ‘Zombies, March!’ Video Behind The Scenes

GWAR 'Zombies, March' behind the scenes
Behind the scenes footage of GWAR on the set of their ‘Zombies, March!’ music video with Fangoria has been posted online. The track is off the Richmond, Virginia rock band’s latest album ‘Bloody Pit of Horror’, out now on Metal Blade Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Gwar ‘War Party’ Video

Gwar are out with the video to their new single 'War Party', from their album of the same name. Watch it online below.

Extraordinary Show From GWAR

Newt Briggs of Las Vegas Mercury reviewed GWAR's concert at the Huntridge on May 3rd. He writes, "All in all, it was an extraordinary show--heads were banged, blood was spilt and many pairs of designer jeans were soiled beyond the hope of club soda. Although the band's taunting of the Mike Tyson character with a banana seemed in particularly poor taste, GWAR's complete lack of couth and social grace was applied judiciously to all ethnicities." Read more.

Brockie: American Troops Misinterpret ‘Saddam A Go-Go’

GWAR's finest time as social critic came during the first Gulf War. The song 'Saddam A Go-Go', for instance, is a pounding barrage of noise, while lyrically evoking violent chaos with its pastiche of non-sequiturs. The song was a hit with American troops overseas and has continued to resonate, though not in the way its authors intended. "It's disturbing when you get e-mails from soldiers in the Gulf who talk to you about how they play "Saddam A Go-Go" while they're riddling bullets with 30-millimeter explosive rounds," frontman David Brockie tells Jayson Whitehead of Las Vegas Weekly. "A lot of them are inspired by GWAR to go into battle which is kind of weird and not really the point."