On TV: Supergrass, Guttermouth, Chevelle, TSOOL

Soundtrack Of Our Lives

Rock acts on talk television this week include Supergrass on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, Guttermouth on Live with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday, Nada Surf on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Tuesday, Unwritten Law on Last Call with Carson Daly on Tuesday, Soundtrack of Our Lives on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday, Chevelle performs on Kimmel on Wednesday, Supergrass performs on Last Call on Wednesday, Queens of the Stone Age rock Kilborn on Thursday, and the D4 perform on Last Call on Friday.

Guttermouth’s Mark Adkins On War-Happy Bush Question

Australia’s Beat magazine chatted with Mark Adkins of Guttermouth and posted the following question:

There’s an old lady down the street on a fixed income, just lost her husband and the rumors are she eats dig food out of a can. If you saw her leave the bank and drop a $20 bill would you a) return it to her b) wipe your ass with it and then give it back c) keep it and run or d) you would keep it because George Bush is going to use our social security surplus to start another invasion somewhere. This interview was before talk about the impending US overthrow of Iraq. Yes, d is the right answer but why? “It’s true, because he is.”

Guttermouth’s Mark Adkins Talks Earth Crisis Fight

Andrew Tijs of Beat.com.au spoke with Guttermouth’s Mark Adkins about his run-in with Earth Crisis following the 9.11 attacks. Adkins revealed, “It’s still so irritating to me. It’s such a silly thing. I wrote something on the Guttermouth website right after the September 11 thing went down. Everyone was throwing down, the American thing, like we’re all on the same team and I wrote that some people should be reevaluating their thought processes on their causes. Get down to what’s really important rather than saving the animals, not eating them, that sort of thing. Get to the real important stuff.”