Slash’s Friend Explains New Year’s Eve Guns N’ Roses Hoopla

The Las Vegas Sun spoke with Slash after reports he’d been turned away from the Guns N’ Roses show at the Hard Rock Hotel, where he had a room booked, on December 29. Slash’s friend said, “[Hotel security] told him not to go near the place and to leave the hotel and even stay out of the parking lot. They didn’t politely tell him at the door … because he didn’t even get to the door.”

Slash Gives More Details On Guns N’ Roses Turn-Away

Sonicnet spoke with Slash following news that he was turned away from the Guns N’ Roses show in Las Vegas on December 29. Slash said, “I’ve never actually seen Guns N’ Roses from that perspective, and I was curious. And I wanted to go in a supportive capacity as well. … I was trying to be discreet about it, but apparently Guns N’ Roses’ management found out and it was major pandemonium. It was like they sent out an all-points bulletin.” has since removed the article.

Lucky CD Clerk Praises Guns N’ Roses To Right Guy

The Las Vegas Review journal reports when skier Peter Morton, owner of the Hard Rock Hotel made a trip to a Hailey, Idaho CD store to pick up a Guns N’ Roses disc, his clerk was a huge fan of the band. The clerk said he was a huge fan and mentioned the group’s show in Las Vegas at New Year’s. Little did he know who he was talking to before he was presented with round-trip tickets to Las Vegas, a room at the Hard Rock Hotel, tickets to the show and a post-show meet and greet set up with Axl Rose.

Slash Turned Away From Guns N’ Roses Gig

ABCNews radio spoke with Slash as he was in Las Vegas when Guns N’ Roses played at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on Sunday. Slash says he tried to get in to the show but security wouldn’t let him in. Security said Axl Rose had forbid him to be allowed in. He had reportedly told the venue he would walk offstage if he saw any of his former bandmates in the audience.

Axl Rose Is A New Man

Richard Fenkel of Las Vegas Weekly profiled the Guns N’ Roses shows in Vegas ahead of the new year. Fenkel talked about Axl Rose saying, “Axl is a new man. I’m not referring to him as being ‘born again’ in a biblical sense, thank God. Simply put, I’m referring to his demeanor and interaction with fans. In the past, Axl was infamous for his tumultuous outbursts–hey, if someone threw a bottle at you, you’d be pissed off, too. Needless to say, he’s older and wiser now.” has since removed the article.

Buddyhead Updates With Guns, Vendetta Red & Fred updated their gossip page Saturday and on Thursday as well. In the updates are news on their feature in Kerrang! which includes negative comments from Fred Durst (of course!), including news that Jennifer Rovero has denied that her child is Fred’s! Plus, news on Guns N’ Roses, the deaths of Death’s Chuck Schuldiner and Betty Blowtorch’s Bianca Halstead (a.k.a Bianca Butthole), and ‘hot’ new Seattle band Vendetta Red.

Buddyhead Finally Updates… Talks Bizkit & G N’ R

Buddyhead posted an update Wednesday with dirt on Guns N’ Roses “Two nights ago Duff, Izzy, Slash and Matt Sorum (who SO doesn’t count) all took the stage together at the Viper Room for some new Duff record thing. Axl gave em the ‘no bro.'” Also, they splurged Fred Durst’s personal email addy, which is

Continued Chinese Democracy Delays Prompt Tour Delay

Guns N’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein announced that the band’s planned December tour in Europe has again been postponed with Goldstein explaining the decision in the following statement:

“To ensure Guns N’ Roses fans get the album they deserve, Axl Rose has spent every waking minute of everyday during the past 5 years writing, recording, and producing Guns first album of all new material since 1991. Following the euphoria of Rock in Rio, I jumped the gun and arranged a European tour as our plan was to have the new album out this year.