Greenwheel Holding Album Preview Concerts


Greenwheel will be holding special back-to-back preview concerts in St. Louis at The Enigma Lounge on Thursday, May 6th and Friday, May 7th. These will be the first live performances where you can preview what the finished new album holds, and hear the five news songs they just wrote in studio, as well as the revised/finished versions of the rest of the new material. The Greenwheel guys just got home from Los Angeles after two long months of hard work, and they are all super proud of the new stuff.

Greenwheel Studio Update From Ryan


Greenwheel’s Ryan Patrick Jordan e-mailed an update to fans from the studio. He writes:

Well hello there!

I must first apologize that it has taken me this long to update everyone. The last few months have been short, but filled with long days. Does that make any sense? We have been in L.A. since February 10th (which we arrived after a 36 hour straight drive). We headed out here after our short tour in the Midwest, which was a lot of fun and very helpful to the recording process. Thank you to all who came out. Your undying support was a huge inspiration.

When we arrived in L.A. we did not waste any time and got straight to work on a few new tunes. We wrote two brand new songs in the first week we were here and then started recording at Soundcity Studios (check out the video section of the website for a couple short video clips of us at the studio). This studio is marvelous. So many great artists have recorded here and the facilities are powerfully inspiring to say the least. We’ve spent the last 8 weeks banging out all of our songs over and over until we get a great take. Normally when recording, you track the drums first and then record everything else later on top of that. We’ve been recording everything at the same time so we could capture the energy of us all playing together. Sometimes it takes 30-40 takes to accomplish what we need, sometimes 2 or 3. We wanted to make sure that the emotion and energy was there, but also that the instruments stayed in tune and that there were no serious mistakes. Whenever we get a good performance that everyone can agree on, we move on to something else, and then come back and try to beat it later. We take breaks here and there to play ping-pong and Ms. Pac-Man. Doug has ruled Ms. Pac-Man with a high score somewhere in the 150,000’s. He is a very talented young man. Our producer Jim, has been quite an influence on us and has pushed us to improve and expand on our individual parts. All of the engineers and studio employees have been great to us and have built an environment for us to feel as creative as possible. We’ve been working from 2pm to 2am everyday with a few days off here and there. It has been exhausting, but very rewarding and we always leave with an overwhelming feel of accomplishment. It has been such a treat to watch our songs grow and mature over the last year. And now, to hear them on tape is a rather rewarding experience. I guess it is similar to watching your children grow up. I have so many favorites. It is going to be tough to narrow it down to how ever many we put on the final album. And since we keep writing new songs constantly, that decision is getter harder and harder. The thought of not putting all of them on the record deeply saddens me. Regardless, this project has truly turned into something we will cherish for the rest of our lives.


Top Greenwheel Searches In September


Searches for Island Records rockers Greenwheel were not spectacular last month on pay-per search engine, but continued touring may help the group establish an identity. Greenwheel was searched for 7,474 times during the month of September, while ‘Breathe’ was their most popular single.