The Gossip Drummer Happy To Retain Underground Status In U.S.

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The Gossip drummer Hannah Blilie spoke with Australia’s Time Off magazine about the success the Portland, Oregon band has enjoyed in the UK, and how the group is thankful that level of buzz hasn’t spread back home. “We appreciate all of the success there, but I wouldn’t want to have that on a daily basis in my home,” Blilie explained. “It’s pretty nuts. Beth gets followed by the paparazzi, and she’s in all of the tabloids. I’ve never seen anything like that for a punk band – it’s really weird. She’s kind of like an overnight celebrity over there. She’s got a lot of cool stuff to say and a lot of things for people to think about, so it’s good in that sense, but it is just totally weird.” The article at has since been removed.

Beth Ditto PSA Against Online Bullying

In a public service announcement for the UK’s leading bullying prevention charity, Beth Ditto of The Gossip offered advice for young people who are being bullied. “As a big girl, I was bullied quite a bit, made fun of quite a lot. It would have been really easy for me to turn out to be a huge bully, and be really mean to people. But its actually turned out far more empowering, far more helpful to be a little stronger about it and not treat people the way they treated me. It’s probably the best rule in life to treat people how you’d want to be treated.” Watch the clip below.

Beth Ditto Talks With Studio Brussel

The Gossip

The Gossip singer Beth Ditto was on the phone with Studio Brussel recently, where she talked about the message she hopes people get from their music, reaction to her nude photo for the NME cover, what the new songs she’s been writing are about, and how tour tour tour is in their pipeline before the line was cut off.

The interview audio at has since been removed.

Rosie O’Donnell Endorses Beth Ditto

Rosie O’Donnell had plenty good to say in a video blog about Beth Ditto of The Gossip after watching a performance on Monday night. “You have to see her live,” the former ‘The View’ host said.

Video at has since been removed.