Gorillaz Animation Skipped On Expensive Production

Isaac Guzman of the New York Daily News was on hand at Thursday’s Gorillaz concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Guzman says while the music sounded fine, the animation was the weak point. Isaac explained, “In animation, even the simplest clips can be exorbitantly expensive and time-consuming to produce. Gorillaz clearly skimped on this element, playing and replaying images of marauding gorillas, a guitar-strumming Noodles and the vaguely menacing Murdoc.” The full article at nydailynews.com has since been removed or relocated.

Are The Gorillaz An Anti-Boy Band?

Gene Stout of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer spoke with Nakamura of the Gorillaz ahead of Tuesday’s show at the Paramount. Nakamura said of the talk that his cartoon group is a kind of anti-boy band, “It’s not so much an anti-boy band as it is a statement that, ‘You, know what? If you can manufacture O-Town, then you can manufacture us.’ And we’re better than that.”

The full story at seattlepi.com has since been removed.

Gorillaz Animated Set Impresses In Boston

Getting a bit better reviews that from their Toronto show, the Gorillaz played Boston’s Avalon Ballroom Monday and left fans and MTV.com’s Paul Robicheau fairly impressed. Robicheau said, “The visual element wasn’t overdone, and was well synched to the music — suggesting some programmed rhythms behind the live band, which wielded more of a rock wallop than Gorillaz’s platinum CD debut.” Read more.

Gorillaz Say ‘We’re Completely Manufactured’

Chart Attack was on hand at the Gorillaz press conference in Toronto recently where they band admitted to being a manufactured act. Hewlett admits, “We are. We’re completely manufactured. Most bands are, just not very well though. The idea behind Gorillaz was just to invent a cool band. A cool manufactured band. Only we’d do it properly for a change. We were sick of watching all the rubbish on TV, so that was the basic idea. Take a bit of everything that we liked and put it together to create something cool. The characters came from people we know, people we don’t know, TV shows — Saved By The Bell, The College Years.” Chartattack.com has since removed the article.

Gorillaz Disappoint In Toronto Opener

Karen Bliss of Rolling Stone gave her thoughts following the Gorillaz opening gig in Toronto. Bliss said the crowd got bored and pissed off at staring at a video screen in an arena setting. Bliss concludes, “Had the event been held in a more comfortable theater, where concert-goers could sit and relax and view the entire experience, it could have worked. In this setting, the Gorillaz live debut was a rip off of time and money.”

Gorillaz’ Nakamura Working With Zack De La Rocha

CDNow’s Corey Levitan talked with the always sarcastic Dan “The Automator” Nakamura of the Gorillaz who talked about his work on ex- Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack De La Rocha’s solo album. Nakamura said of a the work, “Maybe none of them will make it on the record. Obviously, I hope they do, but you never know. We’ll see.” He described their tunes as “kind of like if the Country Bear Jamboree was angry.”

Gorillaz Preview Boston Gig

Sarah Rodman of the Boston Herald spoke with the guys from the animated band Gorillaz. When asked for their thoughts on playing in Boston, Russel said, “Without Aerosmith there would have been no hip-hop/rock crossover.” Murdoc joked, “Or the lovely Liv Tyler. And the Colombian economy would have never survived the ’70s and ’80s.” Bostonherald.com has since removed the article.

Gorillaz Albarn Explains Faceless Animated Tour

Glenn Gamboa of Newsday spoke with Blur frontman and Gorillaz singer Damon Albarn about his cartoon band’s groundbreaking live tour. Albarn explains, “It’s probably going to faze a lot of people, so it’s good that the shows are all sold out before we go over. Some people will love the concept that they’re not seeing the musicians, but they’re seeing a whole lot of cool visuals and listening to live music.”

Gorillaz Albarn Doesn’t Care If They Don’t Win Brit Award

The Sun spoke with Blur and Gorillaz singer Damon Albarn about whether he’ll be upset if the group doesn’t win any Brit Awards on Wednesday. Albarn said, “To be honest, it’s a pain in the a*** having to make an acceptance speech.” The cartoon band will have the most expensive set for the awards, shelling out £300,000 to hire four giant screens for their animated performance.

Gorillaz Announce Animated US Tour

Well it will be interesting to see if there will be much interest, but the animated band Gorillaz is planning a short U.S. tour beginning February 23 in Toronto. The group has ‘toured’ before in the U.K. with Blur’s Damon Albarn explaining it’s “an experimental thing … there’s no actual band that you see on stage — it’s one big cinema screen. It’s kind of taking a ride back to the sort of silent-movie era, really. Except it’s a lot louder.”