Doc And Dallas Coyle Talk With Kerrang!

God Forbid’s Doc and Dallas Coyle spoke with the Kerrang! Podcast team about their recent UK tour with Ill Nino, how they’re being accepted in Europe, the new album ‘Earthsblood’ and which songs from the disc have made their setlist, how the fans are reacting to the new material, how changes in Dallas’ personal life impacts the band. Watch the interview below.

Underground Video TV: God Forbid In Rochester

Underground Video TV has just posted live videos of God Forbid performing ‘End of the World’ and ‘Broken Promise’ during the band’s Rochester, New York stop on the Monsters of Mayhem 2 tour featuring Hatebreed in May 2007. Watch the clips here.

God Forbid The Monotonous Festival Circuit

God Forbid normally aren’t too thrilled at the prospect of performing at another festival, unless that event is being held in a far-flung corner of the globe. “Festivals don’t really excite us, not anymore,” guitarist Dallas Coyle admitted to Australia’s Time Off magazine. “Whenever we have a show on tour that’s a festival we call it the ‘F Word’. It’s like ‘Fu**! Another festival! Goddammit!’ But as far as doing a festival in Australia we’re excited about it, because when you do a festival for the first time in a country like that, it’s not monotonous at that point – it’s like a new experience. Because we walk around the crowd before and after we play when we’re at those things – we have no inclination to hang out backstage at all, unless there’s crazy stuff going on!” The article at has since been removed.

God Forbid’s Coyle Previews 3rd LP

God Forbid 'IV: Constitution of Treason' album cover

God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle recently spoke to MTV News about the group’s third album, the socially and politically charged “IV: Constitution of Treason”, due out September 20th. “The concept was written to the material, as opposed to the other way around — having a story serve as the basis for the lyrics,” Coyle said. “We put the songs together in the order that we thought made sense musically, and I started to see all of these recurring themes. It started to make sense to me. So I decided to write a story that I think ties the entire album together and gives it a little more potency. Really, it gives people something to think about.” Read more.

God Forbid ‘Antihero’ Video

God Forbid is out with the video to their new single 'Antihero', from the album 'Gone Forever'. Watch it online below.