Gob’s Tom And Theo Discuss ‘Muertos Vivos’

andPOP intern Jeremy Singer caught up with Tom Thacker and Theo Goutzinakis from the veteran Canadian punk rock act Gob to learn about their latest album ‘Muertos Vivos’, wanting to produce it themselves and recording it in a secluded area, touring, the long layoff, challenging themselves to make a better record – especially after the 4 year break, and more. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Gob ‘We’re All Dying’ Video

Gob are out with the video to their new single ‘We’re All Dying’, the first single from the Burnaby, British Columbia band’s fifth studio album ‘Muertos Vivos’, out now in Canada and released November 27th in the U.S. Watch it via YouTube below.

Gob’s Craig Comments On New & Old Guns N’ Roses

ChartAttack.com caught up with Gob bassist Craig Wood and asked him which band he listened to throughout high school was proud of. “Guns N’ Roses,” he said. “I am proud to say I love Guns N’ Roses.” Asked if he liked the new version of GN’R and the promise of ‘Chinese Democracy’, Wood responded, “Um, [long pause] no. Once they got to Use Your Illusion they started to lose it, but there were still some good songs. It was no ‘Appetite For Destruction’, though. As a band, we’d like to cover that whole album.”

Gob Guitarist Says Avril Is Cool To Hang Out With

Cam Fuller of The Saskatoon StarPhoenix caught up with Gob guitarist Theo and got his thoughts on the group’s big gig of touring with Avril Lavigne. “It’s been amazing,” Theo said. “She’s so cool to hang out with. We hang out a lot and skateboard around the arenas. She’s like my sister.” He admits that it’s a little weird listening to 15,000 people screaming in an arena, “It sounds more like someone scored a goal.” Canada.com has since removed the article.

Gob Recycles Well

Gob 'Foot In Mouth Disease'

Darryl Sterdan of the Winnepeg Sun reviewed Gob’s new album ‘Foot In Mouth Disease’, giving it 3 out of 5 stars. Sterdan says that the group “commitment to recycling” by borrowing from Sum 41’s ‘Does This Look Infected?’ album cover, and tunes that sound like leftover material from Green Day, Offspring, ’70s new wave and ’80s heavy metal sprinkled in for flavor. Canoe.ca has since removed the article.

Gob Shocked Avril Lavigne Wants Them On Tour

Gob, a group of hard rocking punksters from suburban Langley, B.C., had to weigh whether or not to take Avril Lavigne up on her invitation to join her world tour. But only for a second. “It was like, hmmm, do we want to rock in front of lots of screaming girls, or do we want to rock in front of lots of screaming girls! Yes, yes we do!” frontman Theo Gobzinkas told the Canadian Press.