From First To Last On Hiatus: “Nothing But Love Between Us”

From First To Last

From First To Last frontman Matt Good checked in on January 20th to announce that the Tampa, Florida rock band was going on hiatus. Good writes:

Hey guys, just wanted to take a minute to update you all with the current status of FFTL. As of now right now we are basically going on hiatus. Now before everyone starts jumping to conclusions I just want to make sure everyone knows me and the other members of the band are all still very, very close. We have been best friends for years and will continue to be for as long as I can possibly forsee, so I don’t want anyone to think this is a result of animosity between them and I. There is nothing but love between us.

This is mostly a decisions based on a changing of times and the desire to start pursuing new things in our lives. This band has been the center of our lives for our entire adulthood to date. Four full length albums and almost 8 years of solid touring later, the urge to see what else we are capable of achieving is almost overwhelming and I feel like there is no better time than now to go ahead and take a leap of faith and see what happens. Just know From First To Last is responsible for everything I have in my life, good and bad, and as far as I’m concerned it will probably continue to exist until I am too old to do it anymore or dead. We love every single person that has ever helped make our dream of being musicians and traveling the world come true. I know without the people who supported us, we would be nothing and I am eternally grateful for everything. Just know we aren’t going to let you guys down and we still plan on making music at some point in the future when it makes sense for all of us. For now just keep a lookout for new projects and future endeavors from all of us. Thanks for an incredible 8 years!

Sonny Moore Discusses EP, Lady Gaga & DJing

Ex-From First To Last frontman Sonny Moore spoke with Kerrang! about his new musical direction with a new EP coming out in April, fusing dance and electronica into rock music, being a DJ, wanting to remix Lady Gaga’s ‘Just Dance’, his plans to return to London again, and plans for the future. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

From First To Last Discuss Superheroes And ‘Worlds Away’ Video

From First To Last

andPOP sat down with From First To Last for an interview, asking the Orlando, Florida alternative rock group about some senior woman’s claw marked bedpost, if they could have super powers, Matt Good’s $500 NASCAR bet, and filming that helicopter scene for their latest video ‘Worlds Away’. Watch the interview below the cut. (more…)

From First To Last TV In Japan

From First To Last

From First To Last TV episode 12 features the American rock group in Japan for shows and in store album signings in support of their self-titled third album. Watch the clip, featuring the guys performing as Creed unplugged and demonstrating a donkey cigarette from the butt dispenser below the fold. (more…)

Travis Richter Checks In With From First To Last Update

From First To Last

From First To Last guitarist Travis Richter checked in with the band’s MySpace friends on Friday (January 11) with the following bulletin:

Hey guys it’s Travis.. I’m in south Georgia right now kickin it at the FFTL house, ricky chris, manning and elric are all sleeping still so I figured I would get on here and say hey to everyone really quick.

We got a mouse for Matt good’s snake to eat today so everyone have a moment of silence for the humble victim…

So anyways, on with what I guess is just rambling and news.. Right under the FFTL top friends, right behind the Glorious Ron Paul ’08 (isn’t he such a cute old man!!) you will see we have added the bands that we will be touring with on the Take Action Tour..

Everytime I Die, The Bled, August Burns Red and The Human Abstract.. can’t wait to meet all these dudes and kick it with my old buds that I do know.

I’ve been really busy with my friend Kyle getting the artwork together for our exclusive hot topic single that’s coming out during the Take Action tour.. We will also have some of these to sale on the road this remaining winter into spring.

The songs on there are 2 no one has heard..
1. “We All Turn Back to Dust” <-so you might as well vote for Ron Paul (hahajk!) 2. "I Once Was Lost But Now Am Profound" <--(because I realized Ron Paul wants to change things for the betterhaha) Anyways, that's about all the news I have! Can't wait to see all you guys out on tour and kick it a little.. Warped Tour this summer as well, so we are going to be seeing lots of each other I would imagine haha Take care.
Travis Richter

From First To Last ‘Two As One’ Audio

From First To Last have begun work on their self-titled third album and although it won’t hit stores until next year, the Los Angeles rock act is streaming its first single, ‘Two As One’, on the band’s MySpace player. Listen at

Matt Manning Gets A Big Laugh Out Of Pal’s Road Rash Aftermath

From First To Last bassist Matt Manning offered commentary as his pal Ricky dealt with the aftermath of a skateboarding accident. Ricky writes, “O skate to work every day, like a week ago I hit a crack going downhill and busted my arm up… Then 3 days ago I fell on it again and had to rip the scab off… I didn’t have anything to cover it with besides tape and gauze, I didn’t have a pad or anything to put on it so i wrapped it up with just the gauze, which was a bad idea because as my wound healed… The new scab grew around and throughout the gauze bandage… This is the story of taking it off.” Watch it below.

Two Phoney Death Rumors Hit Sonny Moore

MTV News spoke with From First to Last singer Sonny Moore about the two rumors he had died over the past six months. The faux news report at the Global Associated News web site claimed: “In what appears to be an apparent suicide, musician Sonny Moore was pronounced dead as a result of cardiac arrest after consuming more than two dozen sleeping pills.” Moore said, “On Sunday, this friend of mine called me and was like, ‘Sonny, are you dead?’ and I said, ‘No, I’m at the doctor’s right now,’ and she kind of freaked out a little bit. And I said, ‘I’m all right. I’m not dead. I’m just getting my throat checked out. Acid reflux, man that’s about it. The sh***y thing is, if this keeps happening, when I really die, no one’s going to believe it.” Read more.

From First To Last Eye Rob Zombie To Direct New Video

From First To Last tell MTV News they’d like to work with Rob Zombie. “We want him to direct the video for our first single,” frontman Travis Richter said of the in-the-works clip for ‘The Latest Plague’. “It’s going to be the story of how our band got together, presented in a really crazy way. We are all independently living really boring lives, and we’re just breaking out of it. It’s going to be chaotic. We’ll be driving around in a van like maniacs, going like 100 miles an hour, hitting cars and stuff. It’s going to be sick.” Read more.