Fightstar Win Over Reading Audience After Being Bottled

Apparently Charlie Simpson’s days with pop-rockers Busted made his on-stage performance at the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival a nightmare at first with new band Fightstar. “They walked on and were met with a barrage of plastic bottles – some of them full. Charlie got hit in the face,” a witness told “The band brushed it off and kicked off their set regardless.” The band then performed tracks from their debut album ‘Paint Your Target’, gradually winning over the crowd. “They definitely won the crowd over though and they stopped throwing bottles,” another concert attendee said.

James Bourne Readies ‘Harder, Faster’ Sequel To Busted

Former Busted star James Bourne tells Radio 1 he’s got a new band and they’ve got an album due out at the end of the year. Like ex-bandmate Charlie Simpson’s new band Fightstar, Bourne said the group is “like a harder, faster Busted.” James admitted for now they’re getting used to performing together. “It’s weirder for them than it is for me,” he said. “I’ll be playing and they’ll be like ‘It’s really weird being in a band with you’ and I’ll be like ‘Yeah, it’s really weird being in a band with you too!’. I don’t know, we’ll see what happens, we’ve got a great album, it’s written already, we’re just in the middle of producing it.”

All Charlie Simpson Is Saying Is Give Fightstar A Chance

Charlie Simpson tells Radio 1 that he wasn’t getting death threats for leaving Busted and that the recent university dates his new band Fightstar played. “I think people might come with mixed opinions, or preconceptions, but the result has been great,” Simpson said. “We did Leeds Metropolitan University and it was the most amazing show because the crowd, of about 1400 people, just went crazy. A lot of people will probably have a lot of preconceptions until they see us live. All we ask for is that people come down to our shows with an open mind and give it a chance.”

Fightstar Looks To Debut With A Fizzle

After ditching his Busted bandmates, Charlie Simpson’s debut Fightstar single ‘They Liked You Better When You Were Dead’ has sold a miserable 236 copies and is stalled at #73 in the unofficial midweek UK charts.

Simpson Complains Universal Turned Busted Into Machine reports that former Busted, current Fightstar frontman Charlie Simpson said Universal was to blame for turning “three songwriters” into a boyband “machine”, prompting him to ditch the chart-topping trio. “I was in London and an opportunity came up. At the time, when blink-182 and Green Day broke and the whole pop-punk thing went really big and I just thought, ‘It’s better than being at school,’ so I gave it a go,” Simpson explained of his decision to join Busted. “And it ended up being this massive thing and I was like, ‘Oh sh**!’ When I joined it was three songwriters writing music for a laugh. And then it got put into this machine that was Universal and came out as a big-branded thing. It was a fun three years and it just came to the point where I wanted something that my heart was in.”

Charlie Simpson Nearly Ditched Busted In ’03

Fightstar frontman Charlie Simpson tells Attitude magazine that he nearly walked out on Busted as long ago as Christmas 2003 after being forced to pose for a festive “Three Kings” picture for the cover of BBC pre-teen mag It’s Hot. “It’s been really confusing. Before Busted I was in bands with my mates back home, then the next thing I was living in London and dressing up as a king,” Simpson said. “It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed Busted, but Busted is a piss around and the aim of being in bands, ultimately, is to be in your ‘favourite’ band. That’s the idea with Fightstar. Not to sell records.”

Fightstar Performs In Dublin

Ex-Busted member Charlie Simpson performed with his new band Fightstar at the Ambassador Theatre on January 16th, only days after announcing the split of Busted, in Dublin, Ireland. Check out pictures from GettyImages.