Faber Drive ‘Do It In Hollywood’ Video

Faber Drive 'Do It In Hollywood'

Faber Drive released the music video to their new single ‘Do It In Hollywood’, off the Canadian synth rock group’s upcoming album ‘Lost In Paradise’, out soon on 604 Records. Watch the Colin Minihan directed video via Vevo below.

Faber Drive: Being A Rock Star Is A Lot Of Hard Work

Dave Faber of Faber Drive spoke with andPOP about how bugging Nickelback’s producer helped score a record deal with Chad Kroeger’s 604 Record label, how they’re always in contact with the label, lawyers and other Canadian bands, while Jeremy Liddle talked about the need to do self-promotion these days and take matters into your own hands. “There’s so many bands that want to make it, and there’s so much work that goes into it, if you are the kind of band that just wants to get hammered and bang chicks and do drugs and whatever else you probably aren’t going to have a very long career at it,” Liddle explained, “because there’s 100 other bands that are working harder and taking care of themselves and practicing and doing everything they possibly can to make themselves more successful.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Faber Drive ‘You and I Tonight’ Video

Faber Drive

Faber Drive are out with the video to their new single ‘You and I Tonight’, the third release off the Canadian pop punk band’s second album ‘Can’t Keep a Secret’, out now on 604 Records. Watch the Colin Minihan and Danny Nowak directed treatment via Vevo below the cut. (more…)

Faber Drive Talks With DC’s Hot 99.5 FM

Faber Drive

Toby Knapp of Hot 99.5 in Washington, DC talked to Faber Drive about their visit to the White House, working with Nickelback, Chad Kroeger’s brushes with the law, Avril Lavigne, and what they hope to accomplish as a band.

The interview audio, posted Thursday (September 27), at akamai.net has since been removed.

Faber Drive Visit ‘MuchOnDemand’

Faber Drive

Faber Drive stopped by ‘MuchOnDemand’ on June 20th in Toronto to chat with MuchMusic VJ Leah Miller about what it’s like to tour with Hedley – and the pranks that ensue. Watch the interview below.

Faber Drive ‘Second Chance’ Video

Faber Drive

Faber Drive are out with the video to their debut single ‘Second Chance’, from the album ‘Seven Second Surgery’, due out May 15th. Watch it and a making of the video via YouTube below.