Evan Dando: WTC Attacks “Kind Of Beautiful”

Lemonheads singer Evan Dando is again making controversial comments about the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in New York City. He had told Chart Attack in 2003 why he left New York City to live in Paris. “New York lost its romance for me when it became part of the United States on September 11th,” Dando explained.

Now, Dando is saying that witnessing the planes striking the World Trade Center towers from his nearby New York apartment roof “kind of beautiful”. The Sun quotes him as saying, “I had a good experience that day. I’d always wanted to see a plane crash. I don’t know if that’s morbid – it was kind of beautiful in a weird way. I could almost reach out and touch the plane as it came in. I started to get really sad about 9/11 about a year later, once I’d realized people had died in there. It was nothing to do with the planes hitting the buildings, them falling down. I know that for sure. It was a bomb planted in the building. Maybe it was al-Qaeda that planted it, but I very much doubt it.”

Evan Dando Performs ‘Waiting Around To Die’

The Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando performed ‘Waiting Around To Die’ exclusively for NME Radio. The Townes Van Zandt song is featured on The Lemonheads covers album ‘Varshons’, out June 23rd on The End Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Dando Solo Effort Turns Into The Lemonheads Reformation

Evan Dando spoke with Time Off magazine about The Lemonheads returning after disbanding in 1996, this time joined by punk veterans Bill Stevenson and Karl Alvarez. “There was just a lot of interest and a lot of people saying ‘Why don’t you do another Lemonheads record?’,” he explained. “Including people like [Australian former bassist] Nic Dalton, who always said ‘You should do a solo album or two and then do another Lemonheads record’. I really wanted to, but the songs dictated it, really. And then when I found the perfect band to record it with, I wasn’t going to call it a solo album because it was a consistent band throughout the whole record, and they were willing to be on a Lemonheads record, so why not? And there’s been so much history and so much water under the bridge that I really wanted to keep the band name alive.” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

World Cafe Live: Evan Dando And The Dears

Evan Dando of The Lemonheads and The Dears were featured on WXPN and World Cafe Live in Philadelphia for a live set. Listen to The Dears perform ‘Ticket to Immortality’, ‘Bandwagoneers’, ‘Whites Only Party’, ‘There Goes My Outfit’, and ‘You and I Are a Gang of Losers’, while Dando performs ‘The Outdoor Type’, ‘Being Around’, ‘No Backbone’, and ‘My Idea’ via NPR.org below.

Dando Is Pro Drugs, But Can’t Handle Them Himself

Sophie Best of Australia’s Beat magazine spoke with Evan Dando and asked about what he learned during his days fronting the Lemonheads. “I learned a lot. We played a lot of shows, it was all practice,” Dando said. “I can still use all that sh** I learned, especially now that I’m not fu**ed up all the time. I have no trouble playing without anything, without drinking or taking drugs. I remember when I was 10 years old, I wasn’t high all the time then, and I used to love playing guitar. You don’t need it, you can get just as high on music. Fugazi sounded good, they weren’t high. Then again a lot of my favourite bands were into drugs – Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix. I’m pro drugs, let me say that. I just can’t take them myself, but if people can handle them, fine. I got to the point where they started taking me over. But I am officially pro drugs.”

Evan Dando Struggles To Stay Sober With Bandmates Help

Neil Weiss of the Dallas Observer caught up with Evan Dando who talked about hitting the road for the first time since departing the Lemonheads, and the struggles to stay sober. “There’s always someone from my past in any given town all over the world that comes out of the woodwork with tons of…you know…and I just have to go, ‘I don’t do that anymore’,” he explained. “It’s really hard. When I was touring on my own, sometimes they’d get me.” Dando has turned to his band for support in the effort though. “I have a network of really good friends, too, not like people that just want to get high,” he says. “It’s strongly in place…people that really want to see me doing better. I think that I have remarkable luck in that arena.”

Evan Dando A Big Fan Of Eminem

Ex-Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando chatted with Get Real Detroit where he praised Detroit’s most famous rapper Eminem. “I’ve been a huge Eminem fan since he first started,” Dando explained. “I love Eminem. I love him so much I didn’t even go see the movie. I didn’t want to see him in that light, as an actor. I was going to go to the first showing or when it died down, but as it stands now I’ll probably never see it. Maybe I’ll get it on tape.”

Evan Dando Leaving New York For Paris

Evan Dando is ditching New York to live in Paris with new wife Elizabeth Simon. The former Lemonheads frontman tells Chart Attack, “If you have kids, you want to give them the natural advantage of speaking two languages. We have a lot of friends there. It just a logical thing. It’s brighter, there’s better food. It’s just awe-inspiringly beautiful.” Asked why it was better than the experience of living in New York City, Dando explained, “New York lost its romance for me when it became part of the United States on September 11th. It really felt like an island, you know the cliché, it was an island off the coast off the United States, which it was definitely for me. September 11 fu**ed all that up. You know, how many American flags can you see before you start to go crazy? 666, that’s how many!”