Electric Six ‘Formula 409’ Video

Electric Six 'Formula 409' music video

Electric Six are out with the video to their new single ‘Formula 409’, the first release off the Detroit, Michigan rock group’s fifth album ‘Flashy’, out October 21st via Metropolis Records. Watch it below.

Electric Six Release Their Yuppie Record

Electric Six vocalist Dick Valentine spoke with Time Off magazine about having a stable band line-up for the past two years, which could explain the more restrained tone of their third album ‘Switzerland’. “Yeah, that’s because we made a lot of money and we’re all adults,” joked Valentine. “We’re drinking a lot of red wine and hanging out with rich people. We’re definitely slowing down – we’re yuppies. This is our yuppie record. I want those 16-year-old kids to hate us and be calling us a bunch of corporate sell-outs. They’ll be shouting ‘You sold out!’ and I’ll be like ‘Yep, we did! Try this merlot, it’s fabulous! You’ll understand when you’re 35!’. We are embracing our thirties – that’s what this record’s all about.” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

Electric Six: We’ll Never Be Nickelback

Having the dubious honor of having a far-better-selling opening act on their current tour, She Wants Revenge, Electric Six have a sense of humor the situation. “We tour extensively,” singer Dick Valentine tells the Seattle Weekly. “Everywhere we go, we’ve got 150 people who know every word. We’re never going to be Nickelback, but this is the next best thing. If you continually throw these people a bone, you’ll be semifamous for life.” Read more.

Electric Six Ready To Begin Work On Third Album

Audiences at Electric Six’s upcoming Australian shows won’t hear the new material they’ve been working on, but Tyler Spencer, aka Dick Valentine, tells Time Off magazine recording for a third album will be underway by November. “We’ve got most of it written but we haven’t rehearsed it as a band yet,” he said. “The songs are really strong and I think they’re more complex and more mature and I think if we nail this thing the way it’s supposed to come off, it’ll be the best one yet.”

Q&A With Electric Six’s Dick Valentine

Top of the Pops caught up with Electric Six frontman Dick Valentine and asked the retro rocker if he thought it is humor that’s making rock more popular in the charts at the moment. “I don’t know whether it’s humor per say, I find the whole thing really quite humorous,” he said. “What I always do with music, is to picture the people being entertained, bopping along without the music. That’s entertaining to me! I’ve been doing that my whole life, watching people move to and fro and you think, why are they doing this? Regardless of what kind of music you do, it’s all about creating your own fun. Trends come and go, I think we can just leave that up to the people in marketing. I just go out there, put on a show and let the chips fall where they may!” Bbc.co.uk/totp has since removed the transcript.