Guy Garvey’s Scare Recording ‘Fugitive Motel’ Video

Elbow frontman Guy Garvey tells Radio 1 the group had a bit of drama while filming the video for their single ‘Fugitive Motel’. Garvey revealed that he wrote the song for his girlfriend while he was lonely in Texas. In the video Guy is constantly running and swimming trying to get somewhere but he says it all went a bit wrong and he’s lucky to be alive. “I nearly drowned while making it. I had to swim around in a lake in a wetsuit, with my suit over the top,” he explained. “I nearly drowned. I tried to shout to the boat with the camera on it, but I couldn’t shout because I was paralyzed. They were filming me drowning without realizing that I was actually drowning so there are some interesting cut-aways from that video. I insisted that I didn’t approach death on film.”

Elle And Bo Futures In Limbo

Elbow are trying to work out what to do with Elle and Bo, the statues they’ve used promoting their album. They also feature on the ‘Cast of Thousands’ album cover. Guy Garvey tells Radio 1 they can’t take them on stage because they might catch fire, and they just don’t know what to do with them. “I wanted to put them into orbit. We approached a rocket enthusiast but it didn’t happen,” the frontman explained. “So we were wondering how to dispose of them. Somebody said we should auction them off for charity, but that’s boring.”

Elbow: Out Of Limbo

While Elbow’s acclaimed ‘Asleep’ was born of fierce bloody-mindedness, ‘Cast of Thousands’ was conceived in a pressure cooker about to blow. Instead of feeling encouraged by their success, Elbow were frozen by expectation. “It was terrifying. All the pressure came from within the band – making the album was like dragging a plough. You can get so worried about something being right that it doesn’t become anything because you won’t allow anything to happen,” Garvey told Alexia Loundras of the Independent, struggling to convey the stifling stress his band felt.

Elbow Can’t Wait For Live Gigs

Elbow’s Guy Garvey spoke with Radio 1 about the band’s sophomore album ‘Cast of Thousands’, due out on Monday in the UK. The frontman says he can’t wait to hit the road and perform the new material. “One of the considerations in writing a second record was that it’s gonna be great live,” Garvey said. “There’s gonna be some great moments. We’re really looking forward to doing that. Manchester gigs are always the best ones, and you get so much abuse from the crowd that you end up having a bit of a banter. It’s always fun. I was in Glasgow and I was rambling on between songs, I was telling a story, and this great big fu**ed up bloke at the front went ‘Sing!’ – so I did…”

Strange Road Stories From Elbow

Hybrid Magazine caught up with the guys from Elbow and asked frontman Guy Garvey what the strangest fan story from the road was. Guy recalled, “I had a guy at Leeds who said, ‘You’ve lost weight!’ And I said, ‘Well thanks very much. Cheers!’ After the show I mentioned to our merchandise girl and she said, ‘Was he a biggish bloke in his forties?’ and I told her ‘Yes.’ And she said, ‘Oh I’ve got a message for you from him. He says he dreams of cu**ing in your face.’ Oh really…hmmmm…ah…uh.” Read more.

Elbow Has Written A Few Songs For Sophomore LP

Elbow bassist Pete Turner spoke with Jolie Lash of Rolling Stone about the follow-up to their critically acclaimed, Mercury Music Prize nominated debut ‘Asleep in the Back’. “We’ve written a few songs,” he said. “We’re working a different way this time. On the first album, we had such a long time to do it, and this time we’re working at Craig’s [Potter, organist] and using a Pro Tools set up.”

Comparisons Slack Off After Elbow’s Album Release

Chuck Myers of Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service spoke with Elbow bassist Pete Turner on the group’s comparisons to bands such as Genesis or Pink Floyd, or who he admits, “Radiohead – they’re definitely an influence. We all love Radiohead. But we knew the comparisons would probably stop when the album came out, and people actually heard the album a few times.”

The entire interview at has since been removed.

Guy Garvey Explains Lost Notebook Due To Drunkenness

Steven Hanna of Entertainment Today spoke with Elbow bassist, Pete Turner who was rather frank about frontman Guy Garvey losing the notebook filled with lyrics to a follow-up to ‘Asleep in the Back’. Turner said, “We did a lot of travelling, up and down between Manchester and London, and somewhere along, sometime, we lost it. We’re not sure when, but, well, we visited a lot of bars as well, and we were pretty pissed all the time…” He joked, “It’ll teach him a lesson… That he’s got to be more careful when he’s drinking.” has since shut down.

Elbow’s Guy Garvey Details Missing Lyrics Book In Chat

Elbow joined the Sun in an online chat with fans where Guy was given several questions regarding the missing book filled with his lyrics. Guy said, “I can’t believe I’ve lost the book either as it’s nine months worth of songwriting. I lost it between Manchester and London during a time when I was travelling up and down a lot. I was so cheesed off when I realised I’d lost it.

“Some people say ‘Can’t you remember what you wrote and just re-write everything from memory?’. The thing is, I often write my lyrics when I’m drunk and can’t even remember them the morning after I’ve written them, never mind months later.”

Third Label Is A Charm For Elbow spoke with Elbow’s impish guitarist, Mark Potter about their difficulty sticking with a record label, which included an Island Records debut album that was never released, and a courting from EMI before they pulled out, and finally sticking with V2. Potter said, “We were very lucky to get another chance to make the same record, really. Even though we had gone through a lot of effort to make it with Island, we weren’t as experimental the first time around. We were a little bit safe with it, I think, because we were aware of what was going on in the label. We didn’t explore the tunes as much.”