Default ‘Count On Me’ Video

Default 'Count On Me' music video
Default are out with the video to their new single ‘Count On Me’, from the album ‘One Thing Remains’, due out October 11th. Watch it online below.

Default Wraps Up New Album

Default have finished recording the follow-up to its 2001 debut, ‘The Fallout,’ and JAM! Music caught up with frontman Dallas Smith to talk about recording the new album. “It’s definitely a different feeling because we actually have some experience recording this record,” Smith said. “We have what we wanted to be like onstage and we’re trying to put that on the album too. I’ve increase my range just from going to vocal lessons, and I tried to incorporate that into writing melodies. You’ll hear me singing lower and higher in different songs. Just the same old stuff other than that.”

Default Says ‘Live A Lie’ Video Shoot Was Easy

MuchMusic was on the set of Default’s new video for ‘Live a Lie’, which is set in Vancouver. “This one is actually really easy, we get to sit down the whole time,” said Jeremy Hora of Default. “We’ve been on the road so much, doing the touring thing and we were super bored most of the time,” added bandmate Dallas Smith. “So coming home and doing something like this, something different is definitely fun. It keeps our brains on the game.” The group is currently touring in Australia but will return to BC later this month.

Bush & Default Boston Show Ripped

Brett Milano of the Boston Herald slammed both acts at last night’s concert at the Orpheum. Of Bush he said, “According to interviews he’s given over the past couple of weeks, singer Gavin Rossdale is scared – terrified, even – that his band Bush might finally be getting some good reviews. In that case, here’s one that he won’t have to worry about.” As for Default, he added, “The night looked like a Nirvana impersonators convention. Singer Dallas Smith has the world-weary poses down pat; now he just needs to learn how to write a halfway memorable song.” has since removed the article.

Default Don’t Care About Being Categorized

Chart Attack spoke with Vancouver rock band Default, who recently are getting TRL airplay from their debut album ‘The Fallout.’ Drummer Danny Craig talked about the talk that the band is a carbon copy ‘nu grunge’ band saying, “We’re just a rock band. Pure and simple, we never set out to do anything else or copy anyone; we just play the kind of music we like.” Craig added, “We don’t care if people categorize us or that type of thing because we know we just play rock music. We go up on the stage and play really hard and jump around like idiots. We don’t think about how to act or try to pull off moves to just look cool. We just go up and let it happen.”