Deadsy Private Showcase

Deadsy performed a private showcase on Tuesday (October 17) at Cole Rehearsal Studio in Hollywood, California. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Cher And Son Drink Monk Bones

WENN reports Cher and her son Phillips Exeter Blue of Deadsy drank the crushed remains of Tibetan Buddhist monks’ dead mentors, a move to help her and her family get over the tragedy of the terrorist attacks on America. “The pellets are made out of the crushed remains and hairs of the eldest enlightened monks,” Blue said. “They usually don’t give them to anyone who isn’t a monk or lama or devoted Buddhist. You dissolve the pellets in water and drink it, it’s unbelievable. You become bionic, it’s like drinking pure light.”

Don’t Compare Deadsy To Marilyn Manson

Hip Online recently chatted with Deadsy drummer Alec pure. When asked who they’d be honored with being compared to, Alec said, “If someone says ‘God that is so Brian-Eno meets death metal’, that would be cool. If someone said we sounded like Marilyn Manson, that would suck. People see makeup and don’t really get into it; they just compare us to Manson.” has since removed the article.

Blue Explains Big Delay For Deadsy Debut

Deadsy 'Commencement'

Jason Bracelin of the Cleveland Scene chatted with P. Exeter Blue of Deadsy on the band’s long delay in getting ‘Commencement’ out – more than five years to be more precise. “Basically, we got the record deal when we shouldn’t have — we were all 19,” Blue explained. “I got it out of desperation. I got kicked out of the house, and I was like ‘Fu** it, I’ll go get a record deal.’ So it kind of happened out of necessity, in a sense, and a lot of the delays were just because I didn’t know how to handle my business that well. Also, Sire was going through some problems in leaving Elektra. Every bad thing that could happen did happen.” has since removed the article.

Deadsy Call Themselves ‘Undercore’

Ryan Bartek of Get Real Detroit spoke with Deadsy’s frontman, P. Exeter Blue who described the group’s sound. “Well we call what we do undercore,” he explained. “And we’ve been calling it that for years. Undercore to me is a subgenre that’s derived from death metal, prog rock and ambient — pure concept music. To save the writers and readers from having to come up with 70 adjectives every time they want to describe our band, we will keep saying undercore until it sticks.” has since removed the article.

Deadsy Perform At MSG has photos of Deadsy performing at Madison Square Gaden in New York City on Monday night. Check out the pictures here.

Elijah Blue Comments On Former Lovers

In addition to the earlier comments from Deadsy frontman Elijah Blue to Howard Stern Wednesday morning posted earlier, the singer also took shots at ex-girlfriend Heather Graham. Blue said, “She’s not in danger of being recruited by Mensa anytime soon.” As for his fling with Bijou Phillips, Blue said she was “wretched” and called their connection a “3 a.m. swap.” He termed his relationship with Lionel Richie’s daughter Nicole Richie as “just friends.”

Korn’s Jonathan Davis And Deadsy’s Elijah Blue On Stern

Korn’s Jonathan Davis was on the Howard Stern show this morning and brought along Deadsy’s Elijah Blue Allman, whose on Jonathan’s record label Elementary Records. Davis talked about dating a porn star named Devon and how the sex is definitely different with a porn star. He talked about his childhood and how he was molested when he was a young kid. He said he told his parents about it and they just laughed it off at the time.

Howard ended up talking to Elijah for a while about his life. He talked to him about his father Greg Allman and his mother Cher. Elijah said he didn’t spend all that much time with either of his parents while he was growing up. He was sent away to private school at the age of 8. He did get to hang around with them a little bit but he thinks it was probably best that he was sent away so early.

Blue Says Deadsy Isn’t Cursed

Andrew Lentz of LA Weekly spoke with Deadsy frontman P. Exeter Blue I, a.k.a. Elijah Blue, who says he doesn’t think his band is cursed, despite the trouble they had getting ‘Commencement’ released. “In no way do I think that the band is cursed,” he insisted. “I don’t view my life that way. Even my worst day is pretty good. During all that time [when the album was shelved], I was traveling in Europe, studying — my life has been good. I think people weren’t ready for us anyway. I don’t mean it was over their heads, but just that they wouldn’t have been used to it. Look at people’s attention spans, getting smaller and smaller. It used to be bands created a world inside their music. Look at how Led Zeppelin were inspired by Tolkien. A truly progressive rock just doesn’t exist anymore. We’re gonna change that.”