Dave Navarro Making Out With Blonde

The Panic Channel guitarist Dave Navarro was spotted sucking face with an unidentified blonde outside Les Deux in Hollywood on Wednesday (July 18).

Footage at TMZ.com has since been removed.

Dave Navarro Pulls The Plug On TMZ

TMZ caught The Panic Channel guitarist Dave Navarro with a sexy, stacked blonde last night outside The Little Door restaurant in Los Angeles. While Dave was quick to offer advice on what movie to check out at theaters, recommending “1408,” he became angry when asked about the mystery woman, saying, “Dude, we’re done” before walking away.

Footage at TMZ.com has since been removed.

Dave Navarro Tiring Of Perry Farrell’s Excuses On Jane’s Breakup

With former Janes Addiction singer Perry Farrell blaming Dave Navarro’s shows ‘Rock Star Supernova’ and ‘Till Death do us Part’ on the band’s breakup, the guitarist is getting fed up on his blog at 6767.com, since the timeline doesn’t match with either television program. “OK… That’s reason number 4 isn’t it? He did it… We did it… Rock Star was the culprit… Now it’s TDDUP? This is getting laughable,” Navarro wrotes. “Once again that doesn’t make sense. The MTV show was wrapped after the wedding. I mean, that was the last day of shooting, which everybody was present for. There was nothing else to shoot. In fact, we went and played shows after that. As I stated before, I have no hard feelings and wish everybody well. I guess we’ll just stay tuned for reason number 5.”

Spread TV Visits Pink’s Hot Dogs

The Panic Channel guitarist Dave Navarro and Todd Newman went to Pink’s and talked about the legendary hot dogs with the people in line for Spread TV.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Dave Navarro’s 40th Birthday Party

The Panic Channel guitarist Dave Navarro celebrated his 40th birthday party with girlfriend Tami Donaldson at Body English on Saturday and Sunday (June 2-3) in Las Vegas, Nevada. WENN has since removed the photos.

Dave Navarro Reviews Marilyn Manson’s New Album

Marilyn Manson 'Eat Me, Drink Me' album cover

The Panic Channel guitarist Dave Navarro reviewed Marilyn Manson’s new album ‘Eat Me, Drink Me’. He writes, “After getting into it deeper, I decided I love it. The album is a lot more stripped back production wise than the last few and way more ‘song’ oriented. I would even venture to say that there are some serious New Wave elements to the new collection of songs, especially in the guitar department.” The full post at 6767.com has since been removed.

Navarro Shocked By Booing Of Miss USA

Dave Navarro checked in with fans on his blog at 6767.com on Wednesday (May 30), commenting on Miss Japan winning the Miss Universe pagaent last week, in which The Panic Channel guitarist was one of ten judges. “It was a tough call as Miss Brazil and Miss Venezuela were serious contenders, but at the end of the day, Miss Japan was simply more engaging,” he writes. “As for the Miss USA spill on the stage, that was hard to watch, but she pulled it off and went on and continued to charm the panel. I was pretty shocked by the audience booing her when she made it to the final 5. It was pretty intense. I felt for her, but as it turned out she didn’t win so I really didn’t see what they were so up in arms about. It was trippy to see how seriously other countries take the contest, as they view these women as representatives of their nations.” The full post at 6767.com has since been removed.

Dave Navarro Ribs Paparazzo Outside Equinox Gym

After teasing TMZ’s cameraman for turning his afternoon snack outside of Equinox Gym in West Hollywood into “breaking news,” Dave Navarro smiled and politely asked, “Have you ever had anyone just fu**ing lay into you?” The Panic Channel guitarist then raised his fists and added, “Would you like to?”

Footage at TMZ.com has since been removed.

Navarro Sheds Light On The Panic Channel’s Bassist Situation

Dave Navarro answered eight questions from fans on his blog at 6767.com on Tuesday (May 22), including one asking whether Siggy Sjursen be a permanent replacement in The Panic Channel for bassist Chris Chaney. “Well, you can never replace Chaney… He is the man,” Navarro responded. “Siggy is also the man but his time for touring is a little more flexible. Chris is a family man with two kids and we totally respect that. When he declined to do our last tour, it was completely understood and there were no hard feelings at all. In fact, Perk, Chaney and I played together just the other night and had a killer time. I always jump at the chance to play with him. Plus, I luck out because Chris is a core member of Camp Freddy and I get to rock with him all the time. So Siggy is no replacement, but we will be moving forward with him as TPC, if that makes any sense.” The full post at 6767.com has since been removed.