Was Glenn Danzig Deemed By FBI A Threat To Clinton?

Glenn Danzig

In an interview with KNAC.com, Danzig mainman Glenn Danzig alleged that then President Bill Clinton sent the FBI after him. “I guess they thought I was a threat to Bill Clinton or something,” Danzig explained. “It’s like, ‘Go fu** yourself — come and get me. Talk to my lawyer. Let’s go to court on this.'” Asked what he’d have to turn himself in for, Danzig responded, “Whatever, I don’t even know. Supposedly there are supposed to be like five files on me, and two of them can only be accessed by upper echelon government officials.” Read more.

Danzig Insists North Side Kings Punchout Was A Setup

Glenn Danzig

Danzig frontman Glenn Danzig has spoken out about the infamous video tape of him getting punched by North Side Kings member Danny Marianinho following a dispute at a show in Tuba City, Arizona, in early July. Asked by Argus Leader what happened in Tuba City when he got “knocked out,” Danzig said, “I don’t want to give those guys [North Side Kings] press. That was just a setup for me to punch him and them to sue me for a bunch of money. If I wanted to kill that guy, he’d be dead in two seconds.”

Danny Marianinho Discusses Glenn Danzig K.O.

North Side Kings singer Danny Marianinho recently spoke to Unboundzine.com about his altercation with Danzig frontman Glenn Danzig following Danzig’s performance in Tuba City, Arizona on July 3rd. Asked how North Side Kings got on the same bill as Danzig in the first place, Danny said, “We have played in Tuba City a few times with Soulfly and became friendly with the promoter. We figured it would be a fun show. The kids up there go crazy, and it’s fun to play for different crowds. I grew up with his music so I was real excited to play, and would never thought it would end up the way it did. I don’t know what he was thinking when he threw me back. Did he expect me to have a jock shoving match or did he expect me to start yelling for it to be broke up?? He should know being from NJ — you lay your hands on someone, you better expect to get hit. I got a good lucky jab that shut him down. If I didn’t, I am not so sure I would have been able to go the distance with him. But I was real fu**ing mad, and I forgot to take my blood pressure medicine that morning.”

The full story at unboundzine.com has since been removed.