Daath’s Jeremy Creamer In The Studio

Jeremy Creamer
Footage of Jeremy Creamer laying down bass tracks on Daath’s upcoming self-titled record, due out October 26th through Century Media Records, has been posted online. “Sometimes bass players are pretty content in following what the guitar does,” producer Mark Lewis explained. “But Jeremy, he approaches it as a totally independent instrument. It’s really bass in the truest form.” Watch it via YouTube below.

Emil Werstler Of Daath In The Studio

Daath has footage of Emil Werstler in the studio recording for the band’s upcoming self-titled album, out October 26th through Century Media. In addition to watching Emil shred, the CD’s producer Mark Lewis had glowing remarks for the guitarist. “He’s fu**ing incredible. In my opinion, he’s the best guitar player in the genre, and he’s the best playing heavy metal,” Lewis said. “I’m sorry to anybody who might be offended by that statement or disagree with me, but I just don’t know what else to say about the guy other than he’s so incredibly dedicated to his instrument and I can only imagine what the future holds for that guy in terms of his playing and what he’s already accomplished at his age in terms of his instrument, he’s just beyond incredible. He’s just a total freak to watch.”

Kevin Talley Of DAATH In The Studio

The first webisode of DAATH in the studio recording their new album ‘The Concealers’ has been posted at the band’s YouTube channel. Watch drummer Kevin Talley pounding the skins below.

DAATH ‘Wiliting On The Vine’ Instrumental

Footage of DAATH’s Emil Werstler and Kevin Talley performing new material off of the Atlanta, Georgia death metal band’s upcoming third album ‘The Concealers’ at the 2008 PRS Experience has been postd at their YouTube channel. Watch a ‘Wiliting on the Vine’ instrumental below.

Jasmine St. Claire Talks With Daath’s Eyal And Jeremy

Former porn star Jasmine St. Claire interviewed Daath guitarist Eyal Levi and bassist Jeremy Creamer during their pre-show festivities last October in the bathroom at the Hollywood House of Blues during the Dark Funeral / Naglfar / DAATH tour. They joked about upgrading from a station wagon to a van on the tour, having no privacy to masturbate, making a toilet nest with a toilet paper, the new album plans, their relationship with Roadrunner Records, and their efforts to find a singer. Watch it below.

Transportation Nightmares For DAATH During Ozzfest Tour

Eyal Levi of DAATH checked in from the Ozzfest tour on Sunday (July 29) with the following update:

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Denver right now. I should be in Oklahoma City tonight, and Kansas City tomorrow, but I’m not. I’m in Denver and I’m fu**ing pissed about it. I’m not the only one that’s pissed about it. We’ve been getting lots of mail from pissed off DAATH fans that either wanted to see us at the Phoenix Ozzfest last week, or in Oklahoma City tonight. I’m going to explain what happened. At the start of the tour a company which will remain nameless rented us a converted airport shuttle bus. On paper it sounded perfect for us but in reality it was an uninhabitable, undriveable piece of sh**. The Shuttle bus had no AC at all that was working or could be fixed without spending at least a day on it. In some cities it was hotter in there than outside. The thing also barely ran. On the first full day we had to replace the alternator at our own cost. Anytime you turned the thing on it bounced around like a washing machine, the emergency exit wouldn’t open, there was no fire extinguisher, it was improperly wired on the inside so that none of the appliances worked reliably, the hookup for the trailer lights didn’t work and you couldn’t read the gauges at night because the internal panel wasn’t well lit enough among other things. We were roughing it out with that thing but finally last week, right outside the House of Blues in Hollywood, the transmission on it fell out. That’s why we missed the Phoenix Ozzfest. We didn’t have a way to get there. The company we rented it from did nothing to help us out. We were going to have to pay for it out of our own pocket and miss more shows even. We decided to ditch it and rented an RV. We set a date and time for a pickup from Denver and when that date arrived the RV didn’t. In fact, there’s no ETA on the RV. Supposedly it’s in San Fransisco. We currently have no confirmed way out of Denver. We are going to figure something out soon. If you’re wondering why we’ve been missing shows then wonder no more.

Other than that, Ozzfest has remained as badass as how it began. All the bands we’re touring with are cool motherfu**ers, we drink a lot of Jager, and on top of all that I get to watch Behemoth every day.

DAATH Want More Crowd Surfing Trashcans At Ozzfest

DAATH posted the following bulletin to fans on their Myspace on Wednesday (July 18): “Ok people. Those of you who have seen the crowd surfing trashcan will know what I’m talking about – if you haven’t go watch it [below the fold]. Those of you coming to future Ozzfests – WE WANT MORE OF THIS HAPPENING – 1 TRASH CAN IS NOT ENOUGH !!! Thank you for your time.”

Daath ‘Subterfuge’ Video

Daath are out with the video to their new single ‘Subterfuge’, from the album ‘The Hinderers’. Watch it below.