Crazy Town Doesn’t Want To Be A One-Hit Wonder

MuchMusic spoke with Crazy Town’s Shifty Shellshock who is determined to show their ‘Butterfly’ hit isn’t a one-hit wonder. The band has just released ‘Darkhorse,’ their sophomore album. “I think everyone’s a one hit wonder until they prove that they aren’t,” Shifty said. “A lot of people try to embrace the bad things they see from the success of Butterfly but if you look back at our roots, we’re just a bunch of kids that have struggled. We’ve worked really hard, we’ve been in the music business our whole lives. We’ve fought with drugs, we’ve fought with jail, we fought with all kinds of issue and still we were able to make a record that was successful and people want to break that down.”

Crazy Town Planning Remix Tracks With Rap & Soul Acts reports Crazy Town is teaming up with hip-hop and soul acts DMX, Raphael Saadiq, Slum Village, and “possibly” Xzibit for remixes of songs from its next album, ‘Darkhorse’ which drops Tuesday (November 12). Frontman Shifty Shellshock told Launch it won’t be patterned after the Linkin Park remix album though. “Linkin Park went out and put (out) a whole remix album, that’s not what we’re trying to do,” Shifty said. “What we’re trying to do is, we’re gonna release each single, and each single is gonna have B-sides on it. Or we’re gonna release some vinyl of a bunch of remixes for the clubs that are gonna enable the songs to have a wider spectrum of audience.”

More Teamwork On Sophomore Crazy Town Album

MTV News caught up with Crazy Town frontman Seth “Shifty” Binzer who says their new album ‘Darkhorse’, due November 12, will feature a lot more teamwork than their 1999 debut ‘The Gift of Game’. “The first record was basically just Seth and I doing 90 percent of the work,” Mazur said. “This album was a true group effort. We spent three years on the road and learned how to be a band. So when it came time to record, everyone came to the table so it’s much more focused.” Read more.

Rivers Cuomo Lending Talents To… Crazy Town?

MTV News reports Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo recently paid a visit to rap-rockers Crazy Town’s studio to contribute a guitar solo on a track tentatively titled ‘Hurt’ for the band’s forthcoming album, according to a Crazy Town spokesperson. The song is expected to appear on Crazy Town’s as-yet-untitled follow-up to 1999’s ‘The Gift of Game’ — and no doubt will have Weezer fans fuming. Read more.

Crazy Town Relieved To Be Working With Benson

Crazy Town frontman Epic Mazur tells he’s relieved to be working with producer Howard Benson on the band’s second album, ‘Nothing Comes From Nowhere’, due out this fall. Mazur said, “We weren’t so concerned about somebody coming in and making the record sound cool, but somebody to come in and really interface with us on our songs and our melodies and arrangements. Because if we can take ’em so far on our own, if we find the right person that we respect what they do, and we take some advice, it can make it just that much better, you know? It’s part of the growing process. We would stagnate if we just continued to try to do it the same way every time.”

Crazy Town’s Trouble Takes A Dare At Awards Show

Crazy Town’s hit “Butterfly” was among the Most Performed Songs of the 2001 survey year honored by ASCAP Monday night and the group was on hand to get one of their few awards. The group’s guitarist Anthony ‘Trouble’ Valli was gutsy enough to take a $200 dare by a female journalist at the event, wihch had Trouble walk up to the mike and say, “Hello, this is Trouble from Crazy Town and can you all please, please, please take your seats.”

Top Crazy Town Search Queries In January

Searches for Crazy Town during the month of January were pretty weak as the band has suffered from the one-hit wonder syndrome with ‘Butterfly’. Whether they can overcome this on a follow-up album remains to be seen. The band had only 8,857 searches during January on pay-per search engine The band’s most popular member to nobody’s surprise is Shifty Shellshock, while their most popular song also isn’t a surprise, ‘Butterfly’.

Crazy Town November Search Queries

While Crazy Town took a few months off from their hot debut album, searches for the band cooled considerably with 7,862 searches for the month of November on

Crazy Town Preps Second Album

Billboard reports Crazy Town are working in Hollywood at a newly purchased studio to put together the band’s second album. So far, they’ve written 30 songs for the disc. So far, Squirrel and Epic Mazur are working on the album without a producer, though the label says one will be brought in eventually.