Clinic Perform ‘I’m Aware’ On ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’

Liverpool band Clinic have mellowed out from their art punk days and offer a chamber-pop collection of songs on their latest release ‘Bubblegum’. Check out Ade Blackburn, Brian Campbell, Jonathan Hartley and Carl Turney making their return to ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’ with a live set that includes a performance of ‘I’m Aware’, as well as an interview, via below.

Clinic’s Ade Blackburn Discusses ‘Bubblegum’

Clinic are out with their new album ‘Bubblegum’, and Spinner spoke with the Liverpool, England band’s frontman Ade Blackburn about the project that sees them headed in a new direction. “We kind of felt like we’ve taken it so far in one way, as far as something a bit darker or garage-sounding music,” Blackburn explained. “It just felt like naturally that we wanted to do something summer-sounding or just something brighter, to do something outside of what people would expect us to do.” To achieve a new sound, the band needed to approach the record in a new way. “With this we almost did it in a singer-songwriter sort of way, where it’s just based around doing the songs on an acoustic guitar,” Ade added. Watch the interview below.

Clinic Mexico Tour Highlights

A short movie filmed by Clinic’s tape operator, Erasmus, to capture the sights and sounds of the band’s whirlwind trip to Mexico has been posted online. The Liverpool, England indie rock group played two shows at the beginning of March in Mexico City and Guadalajara. Watch the video via YouTube below.

Clinic ‘The Witch’ Video

Clinic are out with the video to their new single ‘The Witch’, from the Liverpool, England indie rock band’s fifth album ‘Do It!’, out April 8th on Domino Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Clinic: Behind The Masks

Clinic came by AOL Music’s Spinner headquarters and performed ‘Children Of Kellogg’, ‘Harvest (Within You)’, ‘Animal/Human’, and ‘Family’. Watch the performances and an interview here.