Chad Ginsburg And Matt Deis Talk With Kerrang!

CKY guitarist Chad Ginsburg and bassist Matt Deis spoke with Kerrang! on the roof of the magazine’s headquarters and watched London burning to the ground. The pair discussed their latest album ‘Carver City’, how they’d attract people to the city, and the legend of frontman Deron Miller discovering of a dead body along the New Jersey shore. Watch the interview below.

CKY ‘A#1 Roller Rager’ Video

CKY are out with the video to their new single ‘A#1 Roller Rager’, the second release from the West Chester, Pennsylvania alternative metal band’s fourth studio album ‘Carver City’, out now on Roadrunner Records. Watch the Bam Margera directed video below.

CKY ‘Familiar Realm’ Video

CKY 'Familiar Realm' music video
CKY are out with the video to their new single ‘Familiar Realm’, from the album ‘An Answer Can Be Found’. Watch it online below.

CKY No Fan Of All-American Rejects ‘Happy Rock’


CKY drummer Jess Margera discussed the band’s short-lived tour opening act All-American Rejects and what what led to the split with Chart magazine. “Here’s what happens: we get tons of CDs and we decline them all,” Margera said. “At the last minute, the tour people just pick someone because we’ve declined all the bands.” Guitarist Chad Ginsburg added, “The first time I heard them, I was outside in the bus beside the club with the windows open. I said, ‘what god-awful DJ is in the club playing that music?’ Then someone said, ‘Chad, that’s not the DJ, that’s your opening band.'”

CKY: No Stunts, Just Rock

Asked about CKY’s influences, bassist Vern Zaborowski tells Scott Mervis of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Most of the band, besides me, is into KISS. I think they’re annoying. I guess they’re good at what they do, and we have some of the aspects of that. I’m a big Zappa fan. We all like Sabbath, Mike Oldfield, a lot of weird [stuff].” As for their tour with Guns N’ Roses that was cut short, he says, “There was a riot on the first show and the last show. That’s a perfectly symmetrical tour.” Read more.

CKY Have No Regrets Over Guns N’ Roses Tour

Although the Guns N’ Roses North American comeback tour started and ended in riots and was ultimately cut short, CKY has no regrets. “We got to play Madison Square Garden with Guns n’ Roses,” guitarist Chad Ginsberg tells “That’s cool as sh**! Axl gave us a great opportunity. He was really into us.”