Cinema Bizarre ‘My Obsession’ Video

Cinema Bizarre

Cinema Bizarre are out with the video to their new single ‘My Obsession’, the second release off the Berlin, Germany glam rock group’s debut U.S. album ‘BANG!’, out now on Cherrytree Records. Watch it at YouTube.

Cinema Bizarre ‘I Came 2 Party’

Cinema Bizarre 'I Came 2 Party'

The dance-rock anthem ‘I Came 2 Party’ will be the first single from Cinema Bizarre’s upcoming album ‘BANG!’ The song is a collaboration between the German group and “digital rock” artist Space Cowboy. Listen to a clip of the song below. ‘BANG!’ will be released on August 25th.

Cinema Bizarre’s First ‘ToyZ’ Single Now ‘I Came 2 Party’

Cinema Bizarre

Cinema Bizarre checked in with fans on their YouTube channel, with singer Strify announcing that because the first single off their upcoming album ‘ToyZ’ leaked onto the internet, ‘My Obsession’ won’t be the first release. The German glam rock act will instead release ‘I Came 2 Party’, a collaboration with Lady Gaga’s sidekick Space Cowboy. ‘ToyZ’ will be released mid-August, a week or two after ‘I Came 2 Party’ is out. Watch the message below the cut. (more…)

Cinema Bizarre Russia Tour Highlights

Cinema Bizarre

Cinema Bizarre’s latest CB TV episode features the German glam rock act in Russia, making concert stops in Moscow, Krasnodar and St. Petersburg, as well attending the DJ Set Party in Moscow. Watch the clip, set to their song ‘She Waits For Me’, at YouTube.

Cinema Bizarre ‘toyZ’ Album Trailer

Cinema Bizarre and Lady Gaga

A trailer for the upcoming album from Cinema Bizarre has been posted at the German glam rocker’s YouTube channel. Their sophomore album ‘toyZ’ is out in 2009 on MCA Music. Watch the teaser here.

Cinema Bizarre In Milan And Paris

Cinema Bizarre

Cinema Bizarre’s CB.TV features the German glam rock group making visits to Milan, Italy and Paris, France on October 1st and 10th respectively. The webisode features the guys arriving in Milan to a mob of fans and highlights of their ‘Lovesongs (They Kill Me)’ performance before things shift to Paris for more concert footage. Watch it at YouTube.

Cinema Bizarre Scandinavia Tour Highlights

Cinema Bizarre

Highlights from the Scandinavian leg of Cinema Bizarre’s Final Attraction Tour from September 2008 has been posted at the German rock group’s YouTube channel, featuring stops in Malmö and Helsinki. Watch it here.