Brandon Flowers ‘Only The Young’ Video

Brandon Flowers is out with the music video to his new single ‘Only The Young’, off The Killers frontman’s debut solo album ‘Flamingo’, out now on Island. Watch the Sophie Muller directed video via Vevo below.

A Kinder, Gentler Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers

CNN profiled Brandon Flowers, talking with The Killers frontman about his solo debut ‘Flamingo’ and if he believed he’s been misunderstood in the press sometimes. “Definitely. In the early days, I was kind of put up there as you know – a big mouth,” Flowers explained. “Cocky, big mouth. It was a defense mechanism for me. I was very self-conscious, and so I would instantly kind of attack. Now I feel more comfortable in my own skin, and you’re getting a little bit – I don’t know. I seem to be kinder.” Watch the report below the cut. (more…)

Brandon Flowers: Las Vegas Is In My Blood

Brandon Flowers

The Daily Mail spoke with Brandon Flowers about how his debut solo album ‘Flamingo’ found much of its inspiration from his hometown. “I know Las Vegas is far from perfect,” he explained. “But I still see it as a romantic, iconic place. When I was growing up, British bands like The Cure and The Smiths sounded exotic to me. But I realized the grass isn’t always greener, and I started adding more ingredients. I discovered Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. And Vegas is in my blood. For all its faults, it’s exciting. If anyone can sing about it, I can.” Read more at

Brandon Flowers ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Web Interview

A web interview of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ with Brandon Flowers has been posted online. The Killers singer talked with Jimmy about being on a promo tour, his Las Vegas roots, how the band isn’t broken up despite the solo project, how the band breaks a tie with an even number of members, being excited to begin work on a new Killers record in 2011, his crazy Vegas experiences and more.

The 4-part interview at YouTube has since been removed.

Brandon Flowers Live At Highline Ballroom

Brandon Flowers performed a show in support of his debut solo album ‘Flamingo’ at Highline Ballroom in New York City on Thursday (August 26). The Killers frontman’s set list included ‘Playing with Fire’, ‘On the Floor’, ‘Crossfire’ and ‘Magdalena’. Watch the performances at YouTube.

Brandon Flowers ‘Crossfire’ Video

Brandon Flowers is out with the video to his new single ‘Crossfire’, off The Killers frontman’s debut solo album ‘Flamingo’, out September 6th on Island/Vertigo. The Nash Edgerton directed video features actress Charlize Theron. Watch it and behind the scenes footage via Vevo below.
Watch the video and behind the scenes footage via Vevo below.

Brandon Flowers: Bandmates Understand Why I’m Doing Solo Album

Brandon Flowers

In an interview with Radio 1 host Zane Lowe, Brandon Flowers confirmed that The Killers are set to head back into the studio begin work on the follow-up to their third album ‘Day & Age’. “The guys have heard it and they understand why I’m doing it,” Brandon said about his debut solo album ‘Flamingo’. “I’m already talking to them about when we’re going to get into the studio again.”

Brandon confessed it was “weird” recording an album without the band. “Without the union and The Killers and that way of doing things and friendship,” he explained. “I had fun making the record but that brotherhood didn’t exist. At times it was a little bit lonely.”