Boyce Avenue ‘Broken Angel’ Video Behind The Scenes

Boyce Avenue

Boyce Avenue are out with behind the scenes footage from their ‘Broken Angel’ music video. The song is off the American rock band’s second studio album ‘All We Have Left’, out now on 3 Peace Records / Universal Republic. Watch the video via YouTube below and check out the band’s June tour dates after the cut.


Boyce Avenue ‘Dare To Believe’ Video

Boyce Avenue

Boyce Avenue are out with the music video to their new single ‘Dare To Believe’, off the Sarasota, Florida rock group’s second studio album ‘All We Have Left’, out now on their 3 Peace Records label. The group writes:

We are proud to present the official video for “Dare to Believe.” This song means so much to us as a band and we hope that it will inspire you as well. We worked so hard to make this personal and meaningful so we hope that you will share it with your friends! We believe that this song and video has so much to say and want to share it with as many people as possible. We love you all!

Watch it via YouTube below.

Boyce Avenue’s Alejandro Manzano & Tiffany Alvord Cover ‘Jar Of Hearts’

Boyce Avenue

Alejandro Manzano of Boyce Avenue teamed up with Tiffany Alvord to record an acoustic cover of ‘Jar of Hearts’ by Christina Perri. Manzano writes on the band’s Facebook:

Hey Everyone! We had the pleasure of working with Tiffany Alvord on Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts! Tiffany was amazing to work with! Check out the new video and spread the love! :)

Watch it below.

Boyce Avenue Cover ‘With Arms Wide Open’ By Creed

Alejandro Manzano
Boyce Avenue posted Alejandro Manzano performing an acoustic cover of the Creed hit ‘With Arms Wide Open’ on the band’s YouTube channel, making it available on their iTunes as well. Alejandro wrote to the group’s Twitter followers (@boyceavenue):

Well, there wasn’t nearly as much hate for this video as I expected. Haha. Almost all love! :) We luv u 2! :)

Watch it below.

Boyce Avenue Frustrated With Elderly Florida Drivers

Boyce Avenue

Alejandro Manzano of Boyce Avenue checked in with fans on the Florida group’s Twitter account (@boyceavenue), commenting on the state’s reputation for being the retirement destination for seniors. He writes:

We have a problem in Fla (big retirement destination) with old folks driving longer than they should. They often sink behind the wheel …

… And are lethal. Apparently an older woman went to go get her license renewed recently & drove through the lobby of the DMV. ironic? :)

Boyce Avenue ‘Every Breath’ Video

Boyce Avenue

Boyce Avenue are out with the video to their new single ‘Every Breath’, off the Florida based rock group’s major label debut album ‘All We Have Left’, out June 15th on Universal Republic Records. Watch it via Yahoo! Music below the cut. (more…)

Boyce Avenue Q&A Video

Boyce Avenue posted their first question and answer series on the Florida based alternative rock group’s YouTube channel. The band started out by offering an introduction, then talked about why they started a YouTube page, having an album of original material ‘All You’re Meant To Be’ released earlier this year, their merch availability, and how MySpace and YouTube are the best way to stay in touch with the group. Watch the clip below.