Boy Kill Boy Get An Earful From ‘Little Gallagher’ Lily Allen

Boy Kill Boy guitarist and vocalist Chris Peck spoke with in a Q&A, where he was asked what he thought of Lily Allen. “Yeah, we met her at T In The Park. She’d already played and found out she was No.1 [with ‘Smile’] so she was like running around with a bottle of champagne,” Peck said. “Her general attitude was, ‘Who are you? I don’t care, I’m better than you. I’m No.1, fu** off.’ And it was excellent. We were having an interview at one point and she walked past us and said, ‘You’re crap, I’m amazing, I’m No.1, fu** off.’ Wicked. She’s like a little Gallagher, isn’t she? I love it. I like her song as well. I’m quite interested in what she’s all about. I think she’s probably going to be extremely sick, if she’s not already, of people kissing her arse. Maybe we should tell her to turn it up a notch.” Allen had earlier admitted to the drunken boastful behavior on her blog at Myspace.

Boy Kill Boy Visit ‘Popworld’

Alexa Chung and Alex Zane of ‘Popworld’ caught up with Boy Kill Boy’s Chris Peck and Peter Carr. They talked about why they like their band’s name, if they’re interested in dating older women, being labeled an “it band”, if they’re having fun, who’s ‘Suzie’, and more. Watch the segment, aired Saturday (May 6), at