DeLonge Steers Box Car Racer Toward Darker Side

Box Car Racer

Gary Graff of the Cleveland Plain Dealer spoke with Tom DeLonge about his Box Car Racer side project. The Blink 182 frontman explains the group gives him an opportunity to gety heavier with lyrics and music. “I’m still learning how to write songs. It seemed like something that would make me a better songwriter was to think of different things in my head,” Graff said. “I never wanted to sing about dying and the end of the world with blink; it didn’t seem appropriate. But that’s stuff I’m into. I mean, my grandma passed away when we were making the [Box Car Racer] record. And all I do is read conspiracy books about the end of the world, and I’m into UFOs and [stuff] like that. This band was a good place to put all that.” has since removed the article.

Boxcar Racer Concert In Denver has photos of Boxcar Racer in concert on Friday (November 15) at Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, Colorado. Check out the pictures here.

On TV: Bon Jovi, Box Car Racer, Dispatch

Box Car Racer

Amongst the rock acts on talk television this week are Bon Jovi on Live with Regis and Kelly on Monday. On Thursday, look for Box Car Racer on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. Craig welcomes Dispatch on Friday. Check your local listings for stations and times.

On TV: Boxcar Racer, Audiovent, Jimmy Eat World

Several rock acts are on talk TV this week. On Tuesday, look for Boxcar Racer to perform on the Tonight Show, with Audiovent performing later on Last Call with Carson Daly. On Wednesday, look for Queens of the Stone Age on the Late Show with David Letterman. Thursday Dave welcomes The Doves, while Conan has …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, and Carson wraps the day up with Jimmy Eat World. On Friday, P.O.D. rocks Last Call. Check your local listings.

Tom DeLonge Insists Box Car Racer Isn’t Blink-182

Box Car Racer

Christopher Twarowski of the Island Ear recently spoke with Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge on his Box Car Racer side project – something he insists is totally different from Blink. “It’s totally different,” says DeLonge. “Everything about it is different. Everything we did, the way we wrote the songs, the way we recorded the songs, our vision for where the songs were going to end up — everything was completely different. Listen to this record in a completely objective manner. And listen to it as just a band. Get past this point that my voice sounds identical to some other guy’s voice. The songs are really different and they’re meant to be different and it should be looked at as unique.” has since removed the article.

Box Car Racer Isn’t An Artistic Breakthrough

Box Car Racer

Sean Richardson of the Boston Phoenix reviewed the Blink-182 side project Box Car Racer. Richardson said of the self titled disc that features Tom DeLonge, drummer Travis Barker, and guitarist David Kennedy, “The result isn’t quite an artistic breakthrough, but it certainly will satisfy the average Blink fan’s spring fever. DeLonge is his usual ‘All the Small Things’ self: rebellious and bratty at times, lovestruck and sincere at others.” The full review at has since been removed.

Tom DeLonge Describes Scar After Surgery

Box Car Racer

Blink 182 and Green Day came on Total Request Live with Carson Daly on Wednesday to talk about their ‘Pop Disaster 2002’ tour. Tom described the scar following his back surgery saying, “It is runs beneath the base of my p*nis [censored because of search engine image filters] and it is embarrassing.” Meanwhile, Tom described his side project Box Car Racer saying it’s “kind of like a more punk rock vibe. I don’t know. It’s cool. It is really — it’s different but it’s still in the punk rock roots and it will be out in my may and I think kids will really like it and I hope they do.” Read more.

Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Doing Side Project

Box Car Racer

Tom DeLonge of Blink 182 will be taking a break from the band to concentrate on his side project Box Car Racer. The group will release their debut album on May 14. Backing DeLonge is Dave Kennedy of punk band Over My Dead Body on guitar as well as his Blink bandmates Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus. No bassist has been named as of yet. There’s no plans for Blink 182 to break up though so fans can rest assured.