Massive Attack ‘Saturday Come Slow’ Video Ft. Damon Albarn

Massive Attack are out with a promotional film for ‘Saturday Come Slow’, raising awareness of Reprieve’s zero dB, a campaign that seeks to put an end to prisons using music as psychological torture in the war on terror. Find out more information on the cause at or ‘Saturday Come Slow’ features vocals by Blur’s Damon Albarn and is off the British production duo’s latest album ‘Heligoland’. Watch the clip, directed by Adam And Olly and filmed in Cambridge University’s anechoic chamber, via YouTube below.

Blur ‘No Distance Left To Run’ Trailer

Blur’s new documentary feature film ‘No Distance Left To Run’ hit cinemas on Tuesday (January 19), while the British band’s Live In Hyde Park 2 hour feature is available on the DVD release of ‘No Distance Left To Run’, out now. Watch the film’s trailer via YouTube below.

Blur Reuniting For Hyde Park Gig In July

After eight years apart, Damon Albarn is getting back together with his Blur bandmates for a summer gig at London’s Hyde Park. Tickets for the July 3, 2009 show go on sale on Friday (December 12). “I went on YouTube last week and I just watch a load of our stuff,” Albarn said, “just to remind myself really what we were like, because it’s been a long time,” Albarn told ITN. Watch a report below.

Graham Coxon Welcome To Rejoin Blur

Blur bassist Alex James tells The Sun the door was still “very much open” for wayward guitarist Graham Coxon to join them. “As regards the next Blur record, I think something serious will be underway towards the end of the year,” Alex said. “During the last Blur record Graham wasn’t well and he didn’t come to the studio when we were due to start recording. So we started recording without him – maybe we should have waited for him, it was a hard call.”

The entire story at has since been removed.

You Might Not Recognize Blur On New EP

Blur will be going with a stripped back style on the new EP they hope to release by the end of the year: “It’ll come out and you probably won’t know it’s us,” frontman Damon Albarn tells Radio 1. “We can’t really make another Blur record that’s another big landscape thing… I want to sing and play so it has to be like three chords because I can only do three chords and not look.” The band will release a full-length disc in 2007.

Blur Prep New Album

Blur drummer Dave Rowntree tells The Sun the band has begun recording their new album. “We’ve done a week and will do more in September,” Rowntree said. “But there’s no deadlines, we’ll just chip away like we did with the last album. It’s sounding very good. Anyone who has Damon’s solo ‘Democrazy’ album will have a headstart on what we’re doing.”

Albarn Opens Door For Coxon’s Return To Blur

The People reports Blur frontman Damon Albarn has opened the door for Graham Coxon to return to the group when they head back into the studio in the autumn. “Blur is like a family with one brother no-one talks to,” Albarn explained. “He’d be welcome back – it is a realistic prospect. We’re totally capable of making music together.” But Damon still took a swipe at Coxon’s first solo album ‘Happiness In Magazines’. He said: “It sounds like Blur and he said he didn’t want to be like that. Why waste that energy?”

Blur’s Music May Soon Signal Successful Landing On Mars

The British-built spacecraft Beagle 2 is believed to have touched down on the surface of the planet Mars. Scientists are awaiting confirmation that the craft landed safely after a 400 million kilometer voyage which has taken six months. ‘Beagle 2’ is the name of the music specially composed by the British rock band Blur for the Beagle 2 landing. Beagle 2 will be the call sign for the lander and will be beamed back from the surface of Mars to announce our safe arrival. Beagle 2 is an entirely new composition and is included on the CD (CD2) of the third single, ‘No Distance Left To Run’, from Blur’s platinum album ’13’. Audio of the track online at has since been removed.