Tom DeLonge On Recruiting Angels & Airwaves Members

‘Top Of The Pops’ caught up with Tom DeLonge of Angels & Airwaves for a Q&A, and asked the former blink-182 frontman how he went about recruiting for his new “supergroup”. DeLonge responded, “No, it was very much like starting a normal band, y’know? David, I played in a band called Box Car Racer with him. Ryan was in the Distillers in San Diego and David knew him. And Atom grew up down the street from David, so it’s very much like a normal band coming together. But there’s a lot of experience in this band, so we can’t really call it our first album, y’know?” The transcript at has since been removed.

Angels & Airwaves Q&A

VH1 caught up with Angels & Airwaves for a Q&A and asked Tom DeLonge whether he hears the children of his previous band, blink-182, when he listens to the radio. “Oh yeah. But at the same time I’m not asshole enough to think that I’m their fu**ing influence,” he said. “It’s just the natural chain of events. We were the first band that really spoke for the middle class white kid that was on a computer that really didn’t hate his life, but didn’t like everything about it either. We were the first ones to do funny stupid videos. But now there’s a whole industry made off that kind of world. It’s interesting to want to be out of it and look back in.” The transcript at has since been removed.

Tom DeLonge Turned To Politics Between Musical Ventures

Tom DeLonge spoke with channel [v] in an interview focused on the break-up of blink-182 and his new project, Angels & Airwaves. In between he was inspired by Democratic candidate John Kerry on the 2004 election trail and had become disenfranchised with the policies of George W. Bush, speaking out in rallies and working with ”I spent a lot of time doing the campaign when we were trying to get George W. Bush out of office,” he says. “And being that close to someone you really, truly believe is going to change the world is electrifying… You really feel for once that anything is possible.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Tom DeLonge Explores 9-11 Inside Job Theory

Former blink-182 and current Angels and Airwaves singer Tom DeLonge interviewed James Fetzer of Scholars for 9/11 Truth on 91x on Monday (May 8). DeLonge and James Fetzer talked openly about the many remaining questions and theories surrounding 9/11, and DeLonge quite openly accepted the alternative theory to 9/11 – that the U.S. Government was involved. Listen to part 1, part 2 at YouTube (part 3 has since been removed).

‘Another Side Of…’ Tom DeLonge

'Another Side Of...' Tom DeLonge

Pepsi Smash’s ‘Another Side Of…’ caught up with former blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge, where he discussed his shoe company and showed the rehearsal area for his new band Angels & Airwaves. Watch the feature below.

Tom DeLonge Questions 9-11 & Roswell

Former blink-182 vocalist/guitarist Tom DeLonge joined his new Angels & Airwaves bandmates for a ‘Popworld’ Q&A, where he was asked about liking conspiracy theories. “Yeah, I think that some of them are real. I think that a lot of really odd sh** went down on 9/11, like some really creepy, odd stuff,” he said. “A lot of creepy stuff happened at Roswell in Mexico. I think that in America the only thing bigger than the government is corporations, and their access to money seems to have more control over anything in America. Anything. I believe that there’s some crazy stuff going on.” has since shut down.

Travis Barker And Shanna Moakler Remember Proposal

Former Blink-182 drummer said in an interview that he paid off the elevator operator at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion so that he and Shanna Moakler could be alone for him to propose to the Miss USA winner. Barker got down on one knee and proposed, and Moakler said “yes.” But Moakler then surprised Barker with her own down-on-one-knee proposal and engagement ring for him.

TMZ video of the couple discussing the moment has since been removed.

Tom DeLonge’s Political Passion

Former blink-182, current Angels & Airwaves frontman Tom DeLonge spoke with Blender about his passion for politics. “As I started making money, I started paying attention to who was in power and how they got there, which got me obsessed about politics,” he said. “Long before he ran for the presidency, I had a collage of John Kerry on the wall of our studio. The only reason he didn’t win the election is he didn’t want to fight dirty.”

blink-182 ‘Not Now’ Video

blink-182 'Not Now' music video
blink-182 are out with the video to their new single ‘Not Now’ a bonus track included on their ‘Greatest Hits’ album. The video features footage of the band, currently on extended hiatus, during happier times. Watch the video below.

Tom DeLonge Q&A

MTV News caught up with former blink-182’s Tom DeLonge and asked him about the controversy surrounding remarks he’s made about his new band, Angels & Airwaves, which he says is the greatest thing he’s ever done musically. “It’s not like I’m taking this lightly. I’m not an egotistical a**hole,” DeLonge responded. “But I do consider myself to be a pretty intelligent person, and I know that when I had previously sat around and thought about taking Blink to another level — like when I did Box Car Racer [his more mature side project with Barker] — I always knew exactly what I wanted to do and what direction to push the music in. And with this thing, I spent a long time thinking about what I wanted to do. … I started writing this [A&A] album the day we finished recording [Blink-182], because I knew I had to beat it. So I’ve been thinking about this sh– for years, and before Blink took its break, I knew that Angels was going to be the biggest band in the world. We knew that we were the only band that could do something like that. Besides someone like Coldplay, I don’t know of any rock bands that could do that. We want to take this project to that Police level, that Joshua Tree level. And I already had the songs to do it. So when Blink went on hiatus, I’m sitting around going, ‘OK, I know I have the material; how do I put it all together in my own way, without having to compromise at all?'” The full transcript at has since been removed.