Blink-182 Plays Sloppy Opening Night Set

Blink-182 played with Lit last night at Boston’s Orpheum as Mark Hoppus of the band warned the audience, “We haven’t played in three months, we haven’t rehearsed and we only soundchecked one song.” Sarah Rodman of the Boston Herald who was on hand at the show said, “While the show, the headlining event of WBCN’s annual multi-event Xmas Rave benefit, was not their best local outing – the first six songs were a train wreck – the SoCal pop-punk trio managed to charm the young crowd with their hipster doofus lunacy and engaging-through-the mistakes melodic smarts.” has since removed the article.

Blink-182 Win Best Rock Act

blink-182 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket'

Blink 182 grabbed the Best Rock Act award at the 2001 MTV Europe Awards in Frankfurt on Thursday. The band thanked their label, MCA Universal, and called for more people to support punk music.

Blink-182 Tom Copes With Terrorist Attacks

blink-182 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket'

Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge was on MTV’s TRL Special Edition following the tragic terrorist attacks in the United States Tuesday where he shared his thoughts..

Tom revealed, “I’m 25 years old and seen a lot of stuff and you know when are a kid you think a lot of things that don’t affect you that happen in different places and you do not understand — you don’t understand how massive things really are and to think that today in 10 minutes, possibly, possibly, so many people died and lost their lives it makes me want to throw-up. I woke up this morning thinking what will this lead to.”

Sum 41 Back Out Of Blink-182 Gig

Sum41 announced the band is dropping out of it’s current tour with Blin-182 saying on its official site, “In the wake of Tuesday’s tragic events, Sum 41 has chosen to leave the last week of current tour with Blink 182. This difficult decision was based primarily on the band’s desire to be at home with their families at this trying time of instability and uncertainty. Their hearts and prayers remain with the victims and their families.”